So, about Michael Jackson’s ‘illegitimate love child’

Brandon Howard

Yesterday, some guy named Brandon Howard submitted himself to a DNA test to see if he was Michael Jackson's illegitimate child. Also, the entire thing was sponsored by a website we shall not name, who turned the whole thing into one big sideshow, so yeah. By the time the test came up positive, they weren't even trying to hide the fact that it was all one huge publicity stunt. Since then, TMZ did some digging and came to the conclusion that the MORE

TJ Jackson has temporary guardianship of MJ’s kids

TJ Jackson

So if you haven't heard by now, there's some serious shenanigans going down in the Jackson family, up to and including Janet Jackson slapping Paris Jackson because she wants some money. You know, because trying to beat money out of a child's face is a reasonable thing for an adult to do. They're like the coin-blocks from Super Mario. Anyway, since Katherine Jackson is currently dealing with the rest of her kids clamoring for Michael Jackson's MORE

Pepsi is bringing back Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - Pepsi

Hey, remember that time Michael Jackson was shooting a commercial for Pepsi, then his hair caught on fire, thus sparking what many believe to be the catalyst for his fall from grace? Well, keep that in mind as you read this story about how Pepsi will use Michael's image in a new ad campaign. Via Huffington Post: PepsiCo Inc. is going on a reunion tour with The King of Pop. The Purchase, N.Y.-based company on Thursday announced its deal with MORE

MJ’s daughter claims Sony faked her dad’s voice!

Paris Jackson

A couple years back, Sony released a Michael Jackson album posthumously, which a lot of people thought was in pretty shitty taste, but to be fair, this is a recording label. Shitty is kinda their thing. Anyway, it turns out someone got their hands on an alleged transcript between Paris Jackson and some of her friends, where Paris alleges that they faked Michael's voice. TMZ reports: Paris had made the announcement in the midst of rumors that MORE

Dr. Conrad Murray is guilty!

Dr. Conrad Murray

Over two years after Michael Jackson's untimely death, the jury in Conrad Murray's manslaughter case for whether or not he was responsible in the death of Jackson have found him ... GUILTY! Via TMZ: Jurors came back with the verdict moments ago after a grueling 6-week trial, finding prosecutors proved beyond a reasonable doubt ... Dr. Murray is responsible for MJ's death. Murray faces up to 4 years behind bars, but the reality is ... he will MORE

Teaser: Michael Jackson’s ‘Breaking News’

Please make sure to visit on Monday to hear his new single Breaking News in full! Based on the small teaser below, this could actually be a kick-ass track, it's just too bad Michael's not here to release his new album himself! Sometimes I still can't believe MJ actually passed away, it still kind of shocking he's not around anymore, so sad! xo MORE

Fake Michael Jackson tracks on the way?

In life and now in death, controversy continues to always surround Michael Jackson ... apparently Sony is set to release a new MJ album (just in time for the holidays) from recordings Michael left behind. Sources are now telling TMZ that members of the Jackson clan (including two of his children, Paris and Prince) are claiming some of the songs are actually fake! A lawyer for MJ's estate says he had experts listen and all of them concluded the MORE

Lady Gaga: Queen of Twitter and now Google!

Because you cannot deny the internet power of 12-year-old girls and gay men everywhere, Lady Gaga has usurped Sarah Palin as the most searched woman on Google. Well, Sarah may be able to see Russia from her house, but apparently she couldn't see this one coming. Ironically enough, Gaga is also listed as the most searched man on Google too. Just kidding, it's still Michael Jackson. Yes, we get it, he died. It's sad. Let it go. Lady Gaga has MORE

i hope michael jackson is finally at peace

i still can't believe it has been an entire year since we unexpectedly lost our king of pop, michael jackson, i'll never forget that sad day last june! there's been lots of talk about who might be the next MJ, but the truth is, there will never be anyone quite like michael - he was a true original and nobody will be able to match or surpass him! the world was quite lucky to have him here on earth, even though his visit was sadly cut short before MORE

that michael jackson wax figure is all wrong

good evening! this coming friday (june 25th) is the one-year anniversary of the tragic and unexpected passing of the king of pop, michael jackson - it's really hard to believe an entire year has flown by! the folks over at madame tussauds wax museum in NYC are busy touching up michael's wax figure - yet sadly i think it's a terrible replica (usually they do a decent job) he looks more like his sister latoya jackson than himself! i know he was a MORE

michael jackson inks deal from the grave

wow! michael jackson is still making deals from the grave - his estate executors john branca and john mcclain sealed the largest deal ever made in music with sony music entertainment - worth up to $250 million bucks - with a guarantee of $200 million - not bad for someone who is unfortunately dead! the contract is for a total of ten projects over a seven-year period - TMZ reports mr. jackson left enough unreleased material to produce at least MORE

michael jackson’s new track – this is it

good morning! i'm sure by now most of you have heard the newly released michael jackson track this is it - which also happens to be the name of what was supposed to be his comeback show - and has now been turned into a movie after his untimely death this past june (using all the rehearsal footage taken) opening in theaters for two weeks starting on october 28th (i already have tickets to see it on october 30th) the song is decent enough - he does MORE

michael jackson – this is it – trailer

hey kids! here's the brand new trailer for the upcoming michael jackson movie this is it - carefully pieced together from hours of rehearsal and backstage footage taken over the past few months before his untimely death on june 25th - i cannot wait to see this when it opens on october 28th - it looks amazing but it will be sad too knowing that he's gone (tickets go on sale starting september 27th) right now it's being released for a two-week MORE

farewell to the king of pop michael jackson

good evening! oh it's been yet another emotionally draining day ... i would have liked to have stayed home to watch the live telecast of michael jackson's public memorial held here in downtown los angeles earlier this morning but unfortunately i couldn't take the day off (i would have if i had been selected for tickets) i caught most of it online but i had a meeting that landed right in the middle (let's just say i was not a happy camper) i MORE