Lady Gaga on Rob Ford: At least he’s honest!

Lady Gaga and Rob Ford

In case you haven't read a newspaper or gone onto the internet for the past few weeks, Rob Ford is our crack-smoking mayor who tried to cover up a video of him smoking crack for months before the police finally got their hands on it, at which point he pretended that he was always honest, it's just that no one ever asked him the right questions. Well, Lady Gaga is talking about Ford now because of course she is, and get this: She thinks Rob is MORE

Oh look, Lady Gaga’s naked again!

Lady Gaga

Who's this now? Is this that Lady Gaga again? LADY GAGA! Always taking off her clothes and rolling around in moss and calling it ARTPOP ... you kids have it easy! Back in my day, we had to wait five whole minutes for a jpeg of Beyoncé's nipple slip to load, and we appreciated it! Not like you kids today, with your Instagram side boobs, your topless selfies and Snapchatted penises. No ma'am pam! Back in my day, you were lucky if Paris Hilton MORE

There’s some shady shade circling Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP

Lady Gaga ARTPOP

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The Examiner article we quoted in this post is just as shady as the shade surrounding ARTPOP, so please take it all with a grain of salt. I can't speak for Jeremy, but personally I love ARTPOP, and whatever drama was or wasn't behind the scenes doesn't matter to me at all, it's all about the music in the end, and the music is really good. - MK Has anyone else noticed just how much f**kery is going with Lady Gaga's new MORE

Lady Gaga killed it on SNL with “Gypsy”

Lady Gaga

So it seems that Lady Gaga's new album, ARTPOP, has seriously divided people into two camps ... those who hate it and those who absolutely love it. I fall into the latter, I was quite concerned that the album was going to be a disaster (based on the totally messy promo campaign), I almost wanted to hate it! But I cannot tell a lie, I think it's brilliant from start to finish—it's quirky, campy, super fun, and a bit bizarre. Anyways, Gaga MORE

Lady Gaga thinks Perez Hilton wants to kill her?

Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga

As much as Lady Gaga tends to irritate me, I at least try to give her the benefit of the doubt whenever I can. Except here she is saying that Perez Hilton is trying to suicide bomb her because he tried to move in next to her. Not to discredit anything Gaga says, but if Perez wants to explode himself out of spite ... would that really be the worst thing in the world? I'm just saying, give him a wide berth and let him do what feels natural and MORE

Lady Gaga wants at least three kids

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has a new album (ARTPOP) out this week, in case you missed the fifty-bajillion crazy costumes she's worn over the past couple of weeks for publicity. Anyway, she's upping the ante now by claiming in an interview that she really wants some kids. As in tiny people she can raise herself. I imagine this playing out a lot like The Cat In The Hat. "We've played all our games, and torn the house apart! If I keep talking in rhymes, would you MORE

Lady Gaga is going to perform in space

Lady Gaga

If there's one thing I learned from Gravity, it's that space is a terrifying, infinite void of nothing that no one was ever meant to venture into. Except now Lady Gaga is going to reportedly be the first musician to perform in space, and suddenly I'm really pretty okay with all of the above. Via Today... The "Dope" performer, 27, is set to blast off in a Virgin Galactic ship and belt out a single track during the Zero G Colony high-tech MORE

Listen: Lady Gaga’s “Venus”

Lady Gaga "Venus"

Here's another track off Lady Gaga's new album, ARTPOP (out November 11th), called "Venus." To be completely honest, I really don't know what to make of this song (produced by Gaga herself), it's decent and kind of catchy but there's no way it will be played on the radio, it's simply too bizarre (right in line with some of her recent outfits). This was supposed to be the album's official second single, but Gaga decided to go with "Do What U Want" MORE

Listen: Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want” ft. R. Kelly

Lady Gaga "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly

ARTPOP is now mere weeks away (November 11th), and Lady Gaga just dropped a new promotional R&B infused single off the album called "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly (produced by DJ White Shadow). You can pick up the track right now on iTunes as part of a special iTunes countdown to the album's release. To be honest, I'm kind of on the fence with this slower tempo track, maybe it will grow on me but I've never really been a fan of R. Kelly, so MORE

Lady Gaga is doing a holiday special with the Muppets!

Lady Gaga and Kermit

It's not even Halloween yet plus I haven't even gotten around to sewing my Toad costume (Toad from Super Mario, not Toad from X-Men or actual toads) but I'm willing to overlook the timeliness of this post because it involves the Muppets! And also Lady Gaga, but mostly the Muppets! Anyway, according to ABC News, Gaga is teaming up with the Muppets for a holiday special (set to air on Thanksgiving), which if you've never seen The Muppet Christmas MORE

Instagram is concerned about Lady Gaga’s well-being?

Lady Gaga

When Lady Gaga isn't busy talking about how ARTPOP is the album of the millenium (yeah, good luck with that) apparently she's taken to posting sad poetry on Instagram. So basically, Lady Gaga was a teenage girl all along. I KNEW IT! Her fans, who grew up on a steady diet of relentless positivity, apparently didn't know how to deal with the healthy venting of negativity and decided to report her to Instagram because they were worried she might MORE

Lady Gaga unveils ARTPOP album cover!

Lady Gaga ARTPOP

Lady Gaga just unveiled the album cover for her upcoming album, ARTPOP (due out 11.11.13), designed by American artist Jeff Koons (who Gaga references in "Applause"). Gaga had her little monsters help reveal the album's artwork by tweeting out the hashtag #iHeartARTPOP. As the tweets came in, the album was revealed piece by piece, on a huge billboard in Times Square, while fans around the world watched on Overall, I think it's MORE

Feud: Lady Gaga vs. Adam Levine

Lady Gaga vs. Adam Levine

If there's one thing I learned about human beings -- I haven't really, but humor me here -- it's that the ones who claim they hate "drama" are invariably the ones that go looking for it the hardest. So of course, Lady Gaga got into another feud with someone (herein Adam Levine) over sh!t that doesn't really matter because she just hates this stuff so much you guys. Us Weekly reports ... "Ugh . . . recycling old art for a younger generation MORE

Lady Gaga: I’m the Queen of the Universe!

Lady Gaga

Remember how one of Lady Gaga's former personal assistants, Jennifer O'Neill, was suing her for unpaid overtime? Well, according to RadarOnline, Lady Gaga has hit back at the claims in a 200-page witness report, and ... yeah, I really don't think she helped herself at all. “This is it: when I need you, I need you,” is the way Gaga presents the job, according to the Mail, and that includes getting up in the middle of the night to help a MORE