Who wants to smell like Jessica Simpson? (The smell of cash!)


You know who doesn't get enough credit? Jessica Simpson! Let's be honest, when she actually was a singer, she was competing against Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and ... that didn't go so well for her. But then she landed a reality TV show where she played dumb, and she somehow managed to turn that around into a massive clothing / shoes / accessories brand that earns her millions upon millions of dollars. Seriously, you probably can't MORE

FitnessBytes: Jessica Simpson Reaches Her Goal Weight!

Jessica Simpson

Good things come to those who wait. Or good things come to those who have lucrative endorsement deals with weight-loss companies. WHATEVER. Jessica Simpson has reached her weight loss goal! She posted a photo on Instagram with #goalreached thanks Weight Watchers! The pic shows the 33-year old in a simple white t-shirt with her hair pulled up in a bun; her arms and face looking slimmed down. It's taken her a hot minute, and a team of MORE

Jessica Simpson always gets the last laugh

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is to get her own NBC sitcom based on her life’s experiences. The comedy series has yet to be cemented but is definitely in development so look forward to it (or not) in the ensuing pilot seasons on television. Simpson has limited television (remember Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica?) and film exposure (Employee of the Month, anyone?) so this will be her first major headlining work as an actress. Though she’s been touted as a MORE

How pregnant is Jessica Simpson?

Jessica Simpson

As I'm sure most of you remember, Jessica Simpson signed a multi-million dollar deal with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight, only to immediately turn around and put another baby inside of her, which is ... sort of the total opposite of losing baby weight. But whatever, she's still happy and healthy, so I really can't- wait, what? That's what her baby bump looks like already? Exactly how far along is she? Did she and Eric Johnson celebrate MORE

Well hello, Jessica Simpson’s boobs!

Jessica Simpson

I'm going to level with you here: the weeks surrounding the holidays are usually a barren wasteland for hot gossip. I mean literally NOTHING, just forever. Seriously, this morning I wrote two Kardashian posts back to back. There is simply no excuse for that. I apologize. So to make up for it, here is Jessica Simpson's massive pregnancy boobs (posted on her Twitter) trying to jailbreak their polyblend prison. Somewhere out there, Mystique MORE

Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers commercial!

Jessica Simpson

Remember how Weight Watchers paid Jessica Simpson millions of dollars to lose weight, and she immediately turned around and got pregnant again so that she could fill her pool up with chips and nacho cheese? Well, the people at Weight Watchers are nothing if not persistent, so here's their new ad featuring Jessica smartly dressed in layers to hide the fact that they just blew a small fortune on a woman made of 70% gravy. I mean granted, Jessica MORE

Jessica Simpson is pregnant again!

Jessica Simpson

So immediately after fulfilling her commitment to Weight Watchers to ditch her pregnancy weight, it seems like Jessica Simpson is already pregnant again, because nachos are delicious and a baby gives you an opportunity to eat twice as many nachos as non-preggers people. On a completely unrelated note, someone please knock me up immediately. I want to eat nothing but grilled cheese for nine months. Us Weekly reports ... "It definitely wasn't MORE

Jessica Simpson’s dad Joe is gay?

Jessica, Ashlee, Joe, and Tina Simpson

Earlier today, a rumor went around that Jessica Simpson's dad had come out of the closet as gay and that he (age 54) had shacked up with a 20-year-old boy toy. And oh, how we laughed and laughed, because that was pretty far out there. But then here comes the story that Joe Simpson and his wife Tina Simpson have filed for divorce, and all of a sudden it's like ... oh. Okay, work. TMZ reports ... Tina filed the papers in Texas last month, MORE

Is Jessica Simpsons’ fiance cheating on her?

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Short answer: No, probably not. Long story: Since Jessica Simpson and her fiance, Eric Johnson, are almost ready to walk down the aisle, Star magazine got a hold of one of his ex-wife's friends, who proceeded to paint him as a cheating bastard. And if there's one person you can always trust, it's the friend of a jilted ex! Via RadarOnline ... The news shouldn't come as any surprise to Simpson, who knew that Johnson was still married to the MORE

Jessica Simpson showed off her huge boobs!

Jessica Simpson

Okay, okay, so new mommy Jessica Simpson may have overdone it a bit on the "eating for two" thing (the baby inside you is the size of an orange, it doesn't need its own adult-sized meal) but the upside to any pregnancy, aside from the maternal glow and the ability to wear super comfy stretch-pants, is that she now has massive jugs which she posted to Twitter because let's face it: Twitter is just one big repository for body parts (wow, that came MORE

Jessica Simpson is joining Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson

Gaining weight when you're pregnant is kind of one of those things that's to be expected. You can't gestate something inside of you for nine months without packing on a few pounds. That being said, when you're gaining somewhere between 65 to 75 pounds, chances are you may have stretched that "I'm eating for two" bit just a wee bit too far. Anyway, Jessica Simpson (who just revealed the first photo of her baby via People magazine) is now joining MORE

Jessica Simpson finally gave birth!

Jessica Simpson

Oh my gosh, wasn't that the longest pregnancy ever?! Jessica Simpson seemed to be pregnant forever, even beating out Mariah Carey's long gestation period! As per an announcement on her website, Jessica gave birth this morning to a healthy baby girl named Maxwell Drew Johnson (which seems more like a boy's name?), who weighed in at 9lbs. 13oz., and 21 3/4" long. Both mom and daughter are doing well, congratulations to Jessica and her man Eric MORE

Jessica Simpson will slap a hoe!

Nicholas Bowes

Because what America really needed was another reality TV show where a panel of three celebrity judges critique people in a given field, NBC's Fashion Star premiered last night. Yay for over-saturation of the market! Anyway, the show got off to kind of a weird start yesterday, when an Australian model-turned-designer named Nicholas Bowes told celebrity judges Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie that they didn't know anything about men's fashion MORE

Jessica Simpson: Naked and pregnant in Elle!

Jessica Simpson - Elle Magazine

For some reason, today is apparently "pregnant celebrities on the cover of magazines" day, so here comes Jessica Simpson pulling a Demi Moore for Elle magazine by baring it all. From Today: Heavily pregnant Simpson, 31, poses nude on the April cover of Elle magazine; Demi Moore, 49, did the same for the cover of Vanity Fair in August 1991 when she was pregnant with daughter Scout LaRue. That's not the only news-making tidbit the first-time MORE