Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart broke up

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

If you haven't been cluing in for the past few weeks, there's been a bit of a stir over Jennifer Lopez's boy toy / boyfriend / boywhatever Casper Smart sexting a model behind her back. And yes, there's been some build up over the fact that she was a trans model, but that's neither here nor there. It's the betrayal of trust more than it is anything else. Anyway, now La Lopez is telling everyone that not only are they done, but they've actually MORE

Watch: Jennifer Lopez’s sexy “I Luh Ya PaPi” video!

Jennifer Lopez "I Luh Ya PaPi"

So you know how most music videos are just an excuse for famous guys to get a bunch of women to dance for them while they stand around stoically because they're so cool? Well, Jennifer Lopez decided to flip that around in her new music video for "I Luh Ya PaPi," which features a bunch of men dancing for her while she stands around stoically. Thank you JLo for the freebie. Now I have to watch it on repeat. For science. Sexy science. MORE

Jennifer Lopez is still that “Same Girl”

Jennifer Lopez "Same Girl"

Jennifer Lopez just released the music video for her new single, "Same Girl," which I am totally loving. Thankfully Pitbull is no where to be found plus JLo's sound on this track harkens back to her On the 6 (her 1999 debut album) days, which was definitely one of her best eras, hopefully this is the direction her upcoming album is heading in. The guerrilla style video is simple yet quite effective as La Lopez takes a trip to her old neighborhood MORE

Jennifer Lopez talks insecurities + dictators!

Jennifer Lopez

How can you honestly hate Jennifer Lopez? Her career has lasted over 20 years and she’s shown no signs of slowing down (and she just signed on to be an American Idol judge again). Who would’ve thought that the girl from Selena would’ve transcended to the brand that she is today? Honestly, who else could have a number one single past the age of 40? I’m fangirling too hard right now but I believe you get my point. Anyway, Ms. Lopez is MORE

Jennifer Lopez: Sorry that she performed for a dictator!

Jennifer Lopez

In what I'm assuming is going to be a theme for today, Jennifer Lopez talked to Cosmo about how she came under fire for performing for a renowned dictator because apparently Cosmo is your one stop spot for news on global politics and human rights violations. (Okay, maybe not.) Anyway, Jennifer decided that the best course of action would be to address the story head on, apologize, and announce that she was giving the money to charity. HA! Just MORE

Scandal: Jennifer Lopez’s Turkmenistan performance

Jennifer Lopez

First off, happy Canada Day! Yeah, I actually get to post this year because I didn't make the dumbass mistake of drinking melon liquor during Pride like I did last year and I woke up without a hangover. Yay learning! Anyway, onto the celebrity ridicule: Jennifer Lopez is in pretty deep sh!t today after she performed for the president of Turkmenistan, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. (Apparently, he was named by throwing a keyboard against the wall. MORE

Jennifer Lopez’s crotch was on British TV last night

Jennifer Lopez

Last night, Jennifer Lopez performed her new (recycled Pitbull) single "Live It Up" while dressed like a drag queen on Britain's Got Talent. That's not a joke: My friend Katinka Kature has that exact same ensemble. Granted, her hair's bigger than JLo's, but I think my point still stands. Anyway, at one point in the video (around the 3:15 mark) JLo thrusts her crotch directly into the camera, which the British found so offensive that they flocked MORE

Jennifer Lopez is the female Benjamin Button!

Jennifer Lopez - Harper's Bazaar February 2013

There are few things in life that get better with age—cheeses, wines, and, of course, Jennifer Lopez (43). The singer, actress, dancer, entrepreneur, etc. covers the February 2013 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and looks absolutely incredible. Although Lopez looks fine on the newsstand cover (top), it’s the subscriber cover (bottom) that blew our minds. We can’t decide if it’s the disco ball Fendi dress or the metallic Tom Ford sandals but MORE

Jennifer Lopez is ready to sue on Casper’s behalf!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that Jennifer Lopez's back-up dancer boy toy, Casper Smart, was seen ducking into what looked like an exotic massage / gay peep show for ten minutes. Guess who didn't like that rumor? That's right, here comes La Lopez with the her lawyers threatening lawsuits against anyone who dare claims her post-divorce-bang was unfaithful, via EW ... Jennifer Lopez is fighting back at tabloid reports that her boyfriend, MORE

Casper Smart got exotic massages behind JLo’s back?

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Back when Jennifer Lopez first broke it off with Marc Anthony, everyone wondered who she would get married to next. And then she ended up dating one of her back-up dancers, and everyone just sort of nodded their heads knowingly. "The Britney Spears route you say? Hmmmm ... well played, Ms. Lopez. Well played." Anyway, it turns out Jennifer didn't learn anything from the K-Fed debacle, here comes the rumors that her boytoy, Casper Smart, was out MORE

Jennifer Lopez’s stunt double is a man

Jennifer Lopez

All right, I'm just going to say this now because I'm sure no one is going to get the reference: does anyone remember Jade Sotomayor from the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race? If you do remember, you probably took one look at her and said "holy cow, she looks exactly like JLo". Apparently we are not the only people who thought this, because Jennifer Lopez's stunt doubles are men. Via the Daily Mail: The 42-year-old actress was seen on the MORE

Jennifer Lopez: Nipple or no nipple?

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz

During the awards ceremony last night, there was a brief moment where a little bitty patch of skin on Jennifer Lopez's boob that was a shade darker than the rest of her boob. Cue the entire web freaking out over the possibility that they may have seen a tiny sliver of JLo's nipple (which now has its very own Twitter account), because despite the fact that you can find boobs pretty much everywhere online, one tiny slip of nip is like crack to MORE

Jennifer Lopez’s emotional breakdown on stage!

Jennifer Lopez

Remember when Jennifer Lopez split from Marc Anthony? Because she sure does and God help her, there's no way in hell she's going to let you forget it either! Actually, she's going to make sure you don't forget ANY of her break-ups, and will trot them all out in her stage act and then cry about it because sympathy is totally big money these days. From Us Weekly: With thousands of adoring fans looking on, the newly-single mom got emotional MORE

Watch: Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Papi’

Jennifer Lopez - Papi

Here’s the latest music video from newly single Jennifer Lopez for her new single, Papi. It’s basically an extended version of the Fiat commercial that’s now playing on TV. I do think this is one of the better tracks off JLo’s most recent album, Love?, but the video is pretty silly and kind of lame. She could have easily come up with something better than this, watch below and decide for yourself! MORE