Khloe Kardashian defends Kendall Jenner’s nipples

Kendall Jenner

Marc Jacobs showed his collection at New York Fashion Week the other day, and one of the models walking his runway was Kendall Jenner. In all fairness, one of the few things a Kardashian is able to do is 'wear clothes' and 'walk around with a blank face,' so this is right up their alley. Except the top Kendall wore was sheer and everyone saw her nipples (really buried the lead, didn't I?) and now Khloe Kardashian is defending her from their MORE

That Kardashian ‘reality’ show got renewed

The Kardashians

Despite it becoming increasingly obvious to the masses that the Kardashian family is comprised of manipulative, ruthless famewhores, there's still a committed segment of the population who keep watching their reality shows. Because one of them, Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been renewed in a multi-season deal. In related news, the lamb has opened the seventh seal. We're all SUPER boned. TMZ reports... TMZ broke the story ... Keeping Up MORE

Farrah Abraham: I want to be a virgin forever—or a nun

Farrah Abraham

So far, Farrah Abraham has plugged her latest porno by lying about it being released without her permission, only to have that lie blow up right in her face to the surprise of no one. Well, now she's saying that she wants to stop having sex and become a nun so that she can be a virgin forever. On a related note, I don't think Farrah understands what the word 'virgin' means. Who'd a thunk it? “People use sex for power and manipulation when MORE

The Game might replace Lamar Odom on KUWTK?

Khloe Kardashian and The Game

Full disclosure: I was debating whether or not to frame this as Khloe Kardashian moving on from Lamar Odom and hooking up with The Game, but then I was like ... nyeh, let's call this what it is. Anyway, RadarOnline is reporting that since Lamar split from Khloe, The Game is being lined up as a potential love interest for her character on the show. Like when Adam Scott replaced Paul Schneider on Parks and Recreation, except the complete opposite MORE

It took two whole days to prove Farrah Abraham was lying

Farrah Abraham

Last Friday, Vivid Video released a sequel porno featuring Farrah Abraham, so of course it only took a matter of hours before Farrah was lying about how it was a "sex tape" and that she never signed off on it. Except oh look, here's TMZ with proof that it totally was a porno and that she absolutely did give Vivid Video permission to release it. Abraham is upset over Vivid releasing a follow-up video to Backdoor Teen Mom ... claiming she never MORE

Farrah Abraham is already selling out Vivid Video

Farrah Abraham

Earlier today, I talked about Farrah Abraham and her porno she lied is a sex tape, wondering how long it would take before she inevitably sold out Vivid Video because she's a lying little sociopath. If you guessed "a few hours" then hooray! You win! You bet on Farrah being the worst person imaginable and it paid off. TMZ reports ... Farrah's lawyer tells TMZ ... his client did not give Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch permission to release a sequel MORE

Farrah Abraham’s sex tape … the sequel … ugh

Farrah Abraham

Lying liar who tells lies Farrah Abraham said that her last sex tape (read: porno) ruined her life and that she wasn't a porn star. So of course, she made another sex tape (read: porno) which I'm sure she'll lie about some more. FishWrapper reports ... The movie is called "Farrah 2: Backdoor and More," and it comes with the rock-solid guarantee that this tape isn't the "at home" sex tape she tried to play off as a leak like the first time MORE

Kris Jenner talks about those Bruce Jenner rumors …

Bruce Jenner

After Bruce Jenner did the sensible thing and split from evil itself, otherwise known as Kris Jenner, rumors started going around that Bruce was transgender. Mostly because he is a very, very pretty man. Anyway, Kris is now saying that those rumours are untrue and made up by the tabloids, so just assume what she meant to say was "I made them up and sold them to the tabloids." The tabloids put Bruce Jenner through the rumor mill after clips of MORE

Ugh: Kris Jenner wants to perform on Broadway

Kris Jenner

If you check Kris Jenner's IMDb page, you'd see that she has exactly one acting credit, in which she played herself on an episode of Real Husbands of Hollywood. What a stretch for her. No, really, considering her level of talent, I actually believe that was a stretch for her. Anyway, for some reason she now has the idea that she should be on Broadway, even though that requires her to know how to act. Or sing. Without auto-tune. RadarOnline MORE

Farrah Abraham: Still lying about her sex tape / porno

Farrah Abraham

Despite the fact that Farrah Abraham released a professionally made porno, made with actual porn stars and a camera crew by Vivid Video whom she emailed a script to beforehand, Farrah is still trying to pretend it was a "sex tape". Uh-huh. Well, apparently on last night's episode of Couples Therapy, she lied to everyone about how it was a "sex tape" and that there was no camera person on hand even though she literally said there was just moments MORE

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ hits a new ratings low

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

So far today, Justin Bieber finally got arrested for drag racing while inebriated and Patti LaBelle finally said what we were all thinking. What could make today better? Why, news of the Kardashian family's impending slide into obscurity of course! Turns out, their crappy-ass E! reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is slowly turning into a ratings bomb as it enters its ninth season ... their latest episode brought in the lowest ratings MORE

Video: Kate Gosselin’s awkward Today show appearance

Kate Gosselin

It's been almost two years since Jon & Kate Plus 8 was taken off the air after TLC remembered where they left their soul (In the linen closet, of course!) and yet Kate Gosselin keeps getting booked for TV appearances because people are nostalgic for horrible mothers. Anyway, she appeared on the Today show with her two oldest daughters today to show everyone what a great parent she is, except surprise! When her kids were asked to defend their MORE

Farrah Abraham wrote her ‘sex tape’ all by herself!

Farrah Abraham

Remember how, when Farrah Abraham first released Backdoor Teen Mom, she tried to tell everyone that it was a private sex tape that just so happened to star James Deen by sheer coincidence (He's WAY too good for all these chicken-sh!t gigs)? And absolutely no one believed her because she's Farrah? Well, it gets better: Turns out, she basically tried to write an entire porno all by herself, and guess what? She's hopelessly clueless! RadarOnline MORE

Kris Jenner made Khloé exercise when she was 4-years-old!

Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian

So far, we've already found out that Kris Jenner wanted Khloé Kardashian to get a nose job when she was nine-years-old. Naturally, all things that happen with the Kardashians, the entire things runs deeper and worse: Now Kris' sister, Karen Houghton, is telling In Touch that Kris made Khloé go to the gym and exercise when she was four-years-old ... In the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now, Kris’ sister — and Khloé’s aunt — MORE