Missing plane? Don’t worry, Courtney Love is on the case!

Courtney Love

For the past week or so, the missing Malaysian airplane has been a mystery that has eluded the world in general and enthralled the web. So of course, here's Courtney Love with a possible break in the case. Maybe. Honestly, her guess is as good as anyone's, because this whole thing has just been one confusing mish-mash after another. For all we know, the plane accidentally wandered into The Twilight Zone, and William Shatner is currently in the MORE

Photos: Courtney Love shined at the Troubadour!

Courtney Love

Monday nights are never what you would call magical, but last night was truly magical in every sense of the word! My darling Courtney Love played the most incredible (and sold-out) show to an eager crowd (including Lana Del Rey) at Los Angeles' Troubadour over in West Hollywood. I've been such a huge fan of Ms. Love's for almost twenty (!) years now (she still holds claim to the only tattoo on my body), and she did not disappoint one bit! From MORE

Relax … it’s Courtney Love!

Courtney Love

It has been awhile since I posted on my girl Courtney Love. She's a total people polarizer, you either love or hate her! I'm a huge fan, and I'd definitely like to see a lot more of her these days, I'd kill for another Hole album! Anyways, Ms. Love just popped up in this clever web spot (featuring "Celebrity Skin") for NJOY electronic cigarettes, now girlfriend can smoke wherever the hell she wants! MORE

Courtney Love: Hey Lana, think about my vagina!

Courtney Love and Lana Del Rey

A few days ago, Lana Del Rey covered Nirvana's song "Heart-Shaped Box" in concert down in Sydney, Australia and ... you can see where this is going, right? There's only one person allowed to ride Kurt Cobain's long-deceased coattails, that's his widow Courtney Love! Not the Muppets, not Lana, but Courtney! Who else is going to put Kurt's face on lunch boxes? Exactly. So here comes Courtney to remind Lana whose vagina Kurt was really singing about MORE

Frances Bean: Twitter should ban my mother!

Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love

We've seen a recent rise in the amount of crazy that Courtney Love has allowed to spill out of her head, either because she fired the one person reigning her in and keeping her from posting insane libel on the web, or everyone around just decided that it would be hilarious to give someone who destroyed their brains with drugs an open mic. Anyway, after she accused Dave Grohl of sleeping with her daughter Frances Bean Cobain because of some sort MORE

Don’t leave Courtney Love alone with a keyboard!

Courtney Love and Dave Grohl

Stop me if you heard this one: Someone let Courtney Love have an Internet connection, and then she used it to spray batshit all over Twitter. This time, instead of accusing Kermit the Frog of raping her, she's now claiming that Dave Grohl had sex with her daughter, Frances Bean, because he had a crush on Kurt Cobain. See what I mean? Bat. Shit. Gawker reports: Last night on her private Twitter account @cbabymichelle, Courtney Love accused MORE

Courtney Love’s crazy Muppet rant!

Courtney Love

When you're Courtney Love, and years of substance abuse have turned your brain and body into pudding, getting into arguments with inanimate objects is just a natural part of your typical Tuesday afternoon. So Ms. Love took to the comments section of Gothamist to vent her frustrations, because internet comment sections are always filled with well-informed and level-headed opinions. primary wave is lying and i have shitty lawyers , this is MORE

Courtney Love is a victim of Muppet rape?

Courtney Love and Kermit The Frog

As we delve further into the mushy goop of drug-addled crazy between Courtney Love's ears, it appears we've finally gotten to the point where Courtney thinks beloved children's entertainers are raping her and everyone she loves. No, really, after The Muppets did a barbershop quartet cover of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit in their latest movie, Courtney decided to cash in on the money and attention by claiming that they were violating her and MORE

Courtney Love is NOT LiLo’s sobriety coach

Courtney Love

I think we all thought this one was too fail to be true, right? Right. Anyway, at the risk of disappointing you all, it turns out Lindsay Lohan is denying that Courtney Love is her sobriety coach, although when you think about it, this is just the words of one cracked-out blonde against the words of another cracked out blonde. It's like watching two armless men try to punch each other to death. Gossip Cop reports: The site quotes Love as MORE

Courtney Love is LiLo’s sobriety coach?

Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love

Who am I kidding? There's nothing else I can add to that headline. Courtney Love is Lindsay Lohan's sobriety coach. There's more raw human failure in that simple sentence than there is in 1,000 Ed Hardy shirts. Here's the quote from RadarOnline, which I'm sure will be used in the coroner's report: The 47-year-old Hole singer said the 25-year-old Mean Girls star is "further down the line than I was" in her issues, pointing out she didn't have MORE

Watch: Hole’s ‘Samantha’ music video!

Hole - Samantha

Oh my word, what a week it has been! I'm not sure if you heard but there were a ton of issues with PopBytes' web server, we were completely down for almost 36 hours! Of course I was losing my mind during the drama, yet I'm happy to report the site is back on a way faster, more stable server. I already see a difference in load time, I hope you can too! I lost some posts but luckily there was a backup and most of them have been reposted, the past MORE

Courtney Love takes on Lady Gaga!

Courtney Love and Lady Gaga

Courtney Love apparently managed to stop injecting black tar heroin directly into her eyeballs for long enough to give an entirely lucid interview to The Fix, where she decided to talk about Lady Gaga. You know, just putting this out there, but there are artists out there other than Gaga. Not everyone has to talk about the bitch. Anyway, Love actually made a pretty valid point (sort of) about how Gaga needs to tone it down a bit before she paints MORE

Not Her Best Look: Courtney Love

Courtney Love

With Courtney Love, it's always hit or miss, and unfortunately her recent red carpet appearance (where she reunited with her Hole bandmates, in honor of a new documentary about drummer Patty Schemel) in New York City was a total miss! How much makeup does girlfriend have on? Oh my word! She looks like Casper (the friendly ghost) and that outfit certainly isn't helping matters! Yet being a huge fan of Ms. Love, I've learned how to deal with the MORE

Courtney Love settles her Twitter drama!

Courtney Love

So despite the fact that Courtney Love has more or less abandoned her old Twitter account, which was really just a bunch of pictures of her naked with a turtle on her head, Courtney just settled out of court to the tune of $430,000 after posting libel about someone on her Twitter account. Rocker Courtney Love has settled the lawsuit brought against her by a fashion designer who claims she was defamed in a series of messages posted on Twitter. MORE