i guess larry birkhead needs a little money …

oh i still really miss the kooky yet lovable anna nicole smith (i LOVED her) i can't believe she's been dead for over three years now - time sure does fly! since her estate probably won't ever see a dime from her old man hubby j. howard marshall II - it looks like larry birkhead has turned to auctioning off some of anna's belongings in las vegas (250 pieces in all) to help pay the bills plus he has to support his and anna's daughter (proceeds MORE

anna nicole smith’s new gravestone

hey everyone! oh i know this is kind of a depressing post - the newly unveiled gravestone marking anna nicole smith and her son daniel's final resting place in the bahamas - i know they're buried in the same plot but for some reason - her tycoon hubby j. howard marshall (the old guy she was hitched to) is also listed on the gravestone - i don't think he's buried there - so i don't see the point - unless whoever decided to toss his name on there MORE

larry & dannielynn move out of anna nicole’s

good evening! oh lordy - i had an awful day today - nothing horrible happened but it was just one of those days - thankfully it's almost over - i'm vowing that tomorrow will be a better day! anyways this week's life & style magazine is featuring an interview with larry birkhead - who is now moving out of anna nicole smith's home located in LA's coldwater canyon - along with their daughter dannielynn (since there's no backyard and wasn't built MORE

anna nicole smith – i miss you

before the day is over - i had to mention that today marks the one year anniversary of anna nicole smith's surprising death - it's still hard to believe she's gone - i know a lot of people didn't care for her but i always loved anna's warm spirit and smile - poor thing had so many issues to deal with in her all too short life - i feel like she was doomed for tragedy - i pray for her baby girl dannielynn who will never know her mother - and sadly MORE

this makes me miss anna nicole…

good evening! i came across this video earlier today - it's a junior vasquez remix of the theme song from anna nicole smith's reality show the anna nicole show - no matter what you thought about her when she was alive - it's still way sad & tragic the woman is six feet under along with her son daniel - we certainly haven't heard the last about ms. smith...there's still so many questions surrounding both her & daniel's deaths - there's also the MORE

oh the secret deal for anna’s baby

good evening! even though anna nicole smith has been finally laid to rest - there's still lots to deal with - gosh what a huge mess the entire situation has been! now at center of it all is little baby dannielynn who is young enough to not have a clue to what's really going on but her fate is being place in the hands of other hands that want money! everyone can hem & haw over what's best for the baby but we all know they want a piece of that MORE

anna nicole smith…finally laid to rest

i pray & hope anna nicole smith is finally at peace next to her son daniel...she will be so very missed! MORE

statements on the death of anna nicole smith

good evening! oh what a terrible day it has been...i'm still reeling from the news of anna nicole smith's untimely demise...the whole situation is just one big sad tragedy - whether it was drugs, suicide, or natural causes it really doesn't matter at this point (unless howard k stern did have her taken out...gosh that would be so messed up) anna is gone and to be honest i can quite wrap my head around it all tonight...i'm really sad and upset :( MORE

anna nicole smith is dead!!! oh my god

breaking news! anna nicole smith passed away today at the age of 39 down in hollywood florida...gosh i'm in such shock - i'll be back in a few with more details...holy fucking shit! ok details are still pretty sketchy but this article just got published...apparently they found her unresponsive in her hotel room and she was quickly rushed to the hospital but efforts to revive her were fruitless...oh man this is a such a sad ending to her wild ways MORE

i knew it! howard is anna’s baby’s daddy!

oh my gosh! i was just talking about this situation the other day (i nailed it on the head) with all the rumors surrounding the paternity of anna nicole smith's new baby - that weird oddball photographer larry birkhead (the one who got an anna tattoo) has been claiming he is the daddy but things didn't seem to add up (not to mention rumors he is gay) and i had a feeling that her lawyer howard k stern who has been by her side for years now was MORE

anna tried to save daniel – STAR cover

hey kids - below is the latest cover of STAR magazine which features the still shocking & unexpected death of anna nicole's son daniel - the coroner reports are still not in but it sounds like his death wasn't from natural causes...but no matter how he died - i simply feel awful for ms. smith and i hope everyone can refrain from being mean or speaking bad about her - no one should have to bury a child! it's just not right - hopefully she will be MORE

oh my gosh – poor anna nicole

so i wasn't planning on posting until tonight but i just woke up to this horrible news...anna nicole smith's son daniel was found dead yesterday at age 20 in a hospital located in the bahamas where anna just gave birth to a healthy baby girl this past thursday (6lbs 9oz) details are very sketchy at the moment...this is just terrible - i feel awful for her - my deepest sympathys go out to ms. smith...so sad! what a strange and terrible twist of MORE

anna nicole smith – the battle continues…

even though her main nemesis e pierce marshall passed away in june - his family released a statement recently that they will indeed continue to battle ms. anna nicole smith over the mega-fortune left by her late hubby j marshall howard II...nothing has changed from the family's standpoint as to how this case should end up and we will handle it as pierce did, in his honor yeah in honor of all that money left behind! elaine marshall widow to e MORE

anna nicole confirms baby via video!

oh my word! here is anna nicole herself in all her poolside glory confirming she does have a bundle of joy coming...oh anna! » watch & listen to anna nicole confirm her pregnancy!!! (.mov 2.4mb) Don't believe any of the other rumors. I'll give you another update really soon. I just wish people wouldn't try to make money off me or get their 15 minutes of fame, but I'm not counting on it. The only other person who talks on my behalf MORE