Amanda Bynes’ mom is taking her off her meds?!

Amanda Bynes

After Amanda Bynes' year from hell, we were briefly optimistic that Amanda was better, thanks to a strict regimen of psychiatric help and medication along with a new education in fashion. Except it turns out Amanda's parents are f*cking idiots, because according to TMZ, they're taking Amanda off the medication her actual doctor prescribed because they're convinced that she just needed to cut the weed out of her life. Seriously. Amanda's mom MORE

Can we talk about Amanda Bynes for a second?

Amanda Bynes

I've been deliberately avoiding posting about Amanda Bynes recently, mostly because I feel about her the same way I felt about Charlie Sheen during his breakdown a couple years back: Idolizing or mocking someone when you're not sure whether they have the mental acuity to handle it seems non-kosher. If I thought Amanda was stable enough or knew fully well what she was doing? Fair game. But I'm honestly concerned for her. Anyway, the NY Daily News MORE

Amanda Bynes’ bong or vase? You decide!

Amanda Bynes' bong or vase

Thanks to a little investigative work by the team over at TMZ, we have a picture of what Amanda Bynes tossed out the window the other night which led to her arrest. Police say it was a bong, while Amanda claims it was just a vase. Check out the picture below, it sure looks like the remnants of a bong to me. Hopefully Amanda is going to be working on getting her act together, because no matter what she claims to be the truth, girlfriend has some MORE

Amanda Bynes: Arrested for reckless endangerment!

Amanda Bynes

Well, we knew this was bound to happen eventually ... troubled actress Amanda Bynes (age 27) was arrested in NYC tonight at her apartment for reckless endangerment after she threw a bong out the window! Apparently the police were called to her apartment after a report of a disorderly person and when they showed up, Amanda tossed her precious bong right out the window! Amanda was immediately taken to Roosevelt Hospital to undergo a (much needed) MORE

That’ll do, Amanda Bynes. That’ll do.

Amanda Bynes

We like to trump up a lot of what we post here, but I can say with perfect clarity that this is quite possibly the best celebrity tweet ever written by said celebrity rather than, say, a hacker. So far, there's been no response from Drake, because ... well, how do you come back to crazy ass Amanda Bynes asking you to systematically kill her private parts with your penis? Actually, MORE

Amanda Bynes sounds like a fun neighbor

Amanda Bynes

In case you were wondering whether Amanda Bynes was still crazy: YES. YES SHE IS. After she got evicted from her NYC apartment, her former neighbors spoke to Page Six about what it was like to live next to her. Needless to say, if you ever have the chance to live next to Amanda, run as far away as possible. Burn the home down and salt the earth so that nothing else can grow there. The weird ways of Amanda Bynes continue to mystify New Yorkers. MORE

Amanda Bynes didn’t walk around naked while tanning

Amanda Bynes

So last week, we learned about the legal battle of our time, as Amanda Bynes vowed to sue In Touch over a false report that she was walking around naked in a tanning salon. Truly, this would be the Kramer vs. Kramer of our generation. (Side note: I never saw that movie. I'm assuming it involved Michael Richards screaming at himself in a mirror?) Well, it turns out that according to the tanning salon's CEO, as well as security footage, Amanda MORE

Amanda Bynes: A retired multi-millionaire?!

Amanda Bynes

Yesterday, reports went around claiming that Amanda Bynes walked around a New York tanning salon completely naked because this is what happens when you're a featured player on All That. Well, Amanda isn't too thrilled that those rumors are going around, and in a statement to Us Weekly, she says she's not only suing In Touch over the report, but she would never walk around naked because she's rich and retired. No, that logically makes MORE

Amanda Bynes has no reservations

Amanda Bynes

You know, for a second there, it almost seemed like Lindsay Lohan had re-established herself as the reigning queen of grown-up child stars acting like crazy people. So here's a report from In Touch magazine talking about how washed up actress Amanda Bynes was walking around a tanning salon completely naked to remind us that yes, she's still totally nuts. After purchasing a Mystic spray-tan session, the 26-year-old was set up in a private room MORE

Amanda Bynes obsessively hates Lindsay Lohan

Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan

Because it's not like they actually have careers to focus on any more (What are the chances they're making a sequel to She's The Man? What about Just My Luck 2: Electric Boogaloo?) Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes now finally have time to fulfil their ultimate destinies: hating each other for being reckless, irresponsible morons who clearly shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car. Via Us Weekly ... "She obsessively hates Lindsay," says the MORE

Amanda Bynes: Skipped court, went shopping!

Amanda Bynes

Ever since Amanda Bynes decided to try and ram her car into every other car she saw in the hopes of creating a Voltron (I'm assuming that's what's happening here) she's been trying to convince everyone that she is not just like Lindsay Lohan. Except today she completely missed a scheduled appointment, a court hearing for her hit and run, because she was out shopping, which is totally something Lindsay never-- Oh, wait, Lindsay already did it. MORE

Amanda Bynes to Lindsay Lohan: HA HA! Suck it!

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes

Sure, Amanda Bynes may potentially be crazy, but even she's lucid enough to know when a bitch who threw shade at her got bitch-slapped down by karma. So of course, when Lindsay Lohan immediately got arrested for a hit and run after calling out Amanda for getting charged for a hit and run, TMZ was there to make sure they caught every bit of the gloating that ensued. We KNOW Amanda is still pissed over Lohan's tweet Monday which read, “Why did MORE

Amanda Bynes needs a conservatorship?

Amanda Bynes

Yesterday, Amanda Bynes allegedly locked herself in a dressing room for two hours for no apparent reason whatsoever before almost walking out of the place with a bikini top hidden underneath her dress. So of course, someone's trying to place her under a conservatorship (just like Britney Spears) because seriously, this is going to get worse before it gets better. But of course, Amanda is swearing up and down that she doesn't need one, so yeah, MORE

Amanda Bynes swears she’s not crazy

Amanda Bynes

When you allegedly get into like eight or so car accidents in the space of half a year, and then get caught behind the wheel smoking a pipe disguised as a cigarette lighter, chances are you're probably not altogether there. Well, if you believe it, Amanda Bynes isn't all there anymore, and people reportedly see her getting into entire conversations with inanimate objects. Well not true, says Amanda, and her toaster oven will totally vouch for her MORE