oh that cellulite of the stars

oh good morning - i'm way tired - last night's bat for lashes gig was awesome - i even spotted kate bosworth in the crowd but the band didn't come on until about 11:45 - although i'm beat - it was totally worth it! (more on the show later) anyways below is the latest national enquirer which is all about exposing the good times with stars and their cellulite (the lumpy substance resembling cottage cheese that is commonly found on the thighs, MORE

is britney spears’ sister jamie lynn pregnant?!?

YES SHE IS! jamie lynn spears is four months pregnant at the age of 16 - oh the drama plus her boyfriend casey aldridge is 19...hmmm...isn't that illegal?!? you can read about it here, here, here, here, here and here! We respect Jamie Lynn's decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation. We know this is a very difficult time for her and her family, and our primary concern right now is for Jamie Lynn's well being. - MORE

kirstie alley is fat again

hey hey! i've also got the latest cover of national enquirer featuring a hefty kirstie alley - which doesn't surprise me - old habits die hard! i guess jenny craig helped her take off the weight but she isn't helping to keep it off! i do adore ms. alley - she's very funny & talented (you must rent deconstructing harry - she's great in it!) i'd love to see her do more work but i guess some TV executives think she's too plump for the boob tube! in MORE

Brad and Angelina’s $220 million prenup!

good morning! here's the brand new national enquirer cover - the big story this week is brad pitt & angelina jolie's supposed $220 million dollar prenup agreement - a 'secret' document proving they do plan to walk down the aisle at somepoint - i'm not surprised one bit and there probably is some type of agreement set-up in case the couple does split - they'd be stupid not to have one - especially since all their children have the 'jolie-pitt' MORE

julia roberts – marital woes?!?

hey hey! i hope everyone is enjoying the holiday - it's unbearably hot here in LA - i can't deal! i relaxed most of the day and spent a bunch of time playing my wii - right now i'm addicted to resident evil 4 - it's great & super addictive! a little bit of gossip won't hurt though...below is the latest cover of national enquirer featuring julia roberts supposed marriage woes - apparently there's bad blood between ms. roberts and her hubby danny MORE

more best & worst beach bodies!

good morning! the tabloids are taking it easy this week - the new national enquirer is featuring the best and worst beach bodies in hollywood - some of the people below should be banned from stripping down on the sand - like val kilmer - if i had a gut like that i'd stay far away from the beach! as for some of the best bodies we've got my gal beyonce (i just bought tickets last night for her upcoming LA show on sept 2nd - i'm so excited!) and MORE

katie couric – ‘i want out!’

hey hey - one more tabloid cover for the week! national enquirer is all about katie couric wanting out of her CBS evening news anchor job - of course she wants out! things certainly didn't go down like she planned - she should have stayed over at NBC with matt lauer - but it doesn't really matter to me...i always watch ABC news and 'good morning america' - i've not once switched to another network - i love that news team! in other stories MORE

brad & angelina’s nanny spillin’ the beans

hey boys & girls! here's the latest national enquirer cover - with brad pitt & angelina jolie's nanny telling the couple's 'secrets' - with claims of knock down brawls - how jen aniston somehow still manages to come between them and their 'bizarre' orders to the hired help! i'd like to read what the nanny has to say but i'm way more concerned over the story at the very top...is my dear whitney houston back on drugs?!? that would be a total shame MORE

divorce time in hollywood?!?

good morning! this week national enquirer is screaming divorce for three hollywood couples - i'm not sure on the exact statistics of failed marriages but when it comes to celebrities it must be something like one out of every two marriages end in divorce! so chances are eventually one of the featured couples will be heading to splitsville - if i had to guess i would say matt lauer (that's probably because i totally love courtney cox arquette & MORE

Is Nicole Richie … pregnant?!

UPDATE - JULY 3 '07 so national enquirer was right all along - nicole richie is pregnant with boyfriend joel madden's baby! they were first on the story almost six weeks ago with the cover below! today in touch magazine confirmed the news - but the enquirer totally broke the story first - everyone was in complete disbelief but they do actually get it right sometimes...kudos to david perel and his team! (i can't imagine ms. richie being a mom MORE

nicole richie – in rehab for two issues!!!

this just in direct from david perel who is the editor-in-chief of national enquirer and is also in charge of west coast operations for STAR magazine! he told me they'd be breaking something today that it was juicy - gosh he was so right! everyone has been wondering where is nicole richie (US weekly had her over in europe - wrong!) the poor thing has checked into rehab for not only one but two nasty issues...her scary weight loss plus an MORE

drug dealer to the stars tells all!

hey kids! oh there's sad news tonight being broken by national enquirer - it sounds like farrah fawcett's cancer is back (the story just got posted on the tabloid's website) farrah is always kinda wacky & crazy side of things but i do like to think she's got a good heart and hopefully she'll be able to overcome this latest health hurdle!the main cover story is much more fun...supposedly some hollywood fancy ass drug dealer dished on a bunch of MORE

plastic surgery shockers!

hey hey! here's the latest cover of national enquirer - focusing on the many plastic surgery shockers roaming around hollywood - including mariah carey who supposedly had a little laser liposuction done! i think the girl on the left must be tara reid?!? i've got to toss her a drop of credit for coming forward about her disastrous experience with lipo! then there's my darling courtney love who claims she has never had surgery but i wouldn't oh man MORE

britney spears gone wild

oh my word - its literally been a whirlwind but i'm back from NYC - now on long island (i head back to los angeles next monday) i felt so guilty being behind on popbytes but i haven't really had a proper break in quite a long time - and i really enjoyed myself - more on my time in NYC later...but let's just hop right back on the gossip train with the latest cover of national enquirer which claims britney spears (looking topless!) is off her MORE