jennifer & marc: the final explosion!

hello! i'm wondering how long jennifer lopez and marc anthony will be able to keep their supposedly rocky marriage alive? there's been so many rumors lately about the couple divorcing - it seems inevitable! perhaps they will actually publicly end things on valentine's day in NYC during mr. anthony's concert (i posted about that rumor not too long ago...) this week's national enquirer claims there was a big explosion between the two on new year's MORE

national enquirer – back on popbytes!

hey hey! i had another fabulous day here in maui - i managed to go snorkeling off two beaches - the first one was just ok and i ended up cutting my foot (i'm dealing) the second beach over at kaanapali (recommended by my blogger buddy candy kirby) was awesome for snorkeling - just a few feet from the shore was this amazing reef teeming with all sorts of colorful fish - i never saw anything like it - i was truly amazed! yet being a nervous nelly i MORE

britney & kevin reuniting? hmmm…

good evening! the latest national enquirer is featuring republican vice president hopeful sarah palin once again...this time with revelations about her supposed extramarital affair (her excuse is - it gets cold up in alaska...brrr) and the man she once called her 'love' brad hanson (he's so not cute) read more details over on the enquirer's website - i swear this election has turned into such a soap opera (mixed in with all the economy drama - MORE

janet explodes & mariah flips!

good evening y'all! this week's national enquirer is featuring two of my favorite divas on the cover - first up is janet jackson with her weight gain - now i saw her concert last night here in los angeles and yes she's looking a little on the thick side but i know by the time her 'rock witchu tour' is over - she's going to be in top shape - she danced so much last night - there's simply no way she can't lose a few pounds doing those sexy dance MORE

what is sarah palin hiding?

good evening! once again republican vice presidential hopeful sarah palin is featured front and center on the latest cover of national enquirer with juicy bits on her supposed affair, her son track's addiction to drugs (what a perfect name for a druggie) and her pregnant teenage daughter bristol supposedly being banished from her house - gosh i hope all of this is (and more) is true because like i've said before i do not like the woman - i'll MORE

is shannen doherty already causing drama?

good evening! since this morning i wrote up a whole rant on sarah palin - i don't think i can write about her again although she is featured front & center on the latest cover of national enquirer with her dark secrets - i'm quite sure we'll finding out some more scandalous tidbits about the lady before everything's said and done (as far as her 'culture of fear' speech tonight at the RNC - all i can say is tina fey must make an appearance as ms. MORE

is kelly ripa too thin?

hey hey! besides the drama being featured surrounding mary-kate olsen (her bodyguard is supposedly talking again) on the cover of the latest national enquirer - there's a new skinny alert! this time it's kelly ripa who the magazine claims has dropped to a mere 96lbs (there's plenty of pictures of her below from when she appeared on the late show w/ david letterman on august 5th...decide for yourself) she does look a little on the skinny side of MORE

celebrity plastic surgery shockers!

hey kids! although the top story on the cover of this week's national enquirer about john edwards pictured with his secret love child grabbed all the attention today - i'm much more into the whole celebrity 'plastic surgery shockers' feature! now i'm all for a little improvement here & there but some people take it way too far like new york socialite jocelyn wildenstein looking like a feline and fashion diva donatella versace whose lips look like MORE

dr. phil’s wife cant take it anymore…

good morning and happy friday! heck if i had been letting dr. phil mcgraw do his business on top of me for years - i seriously wouldn't be able to take it anymore just like his wife robin who is being featured on the latest national enquirer again because of the supposed rift in her marriage (this is like the 3rd or 4th time this year dr. feelgood & his wife have made the cover - there simply must be something brewing between the two...) we've MORE

Lisa Marie’s brother’s drug den exposed!

hey hey! this week's national enquirer is featuring another drug den although this one is for sure tamer than whitney houston's crack den (which made the cover back in march '06) apparently lisa marie presley's 21-year-old half-brother navarone garibaldi (pictured here with dreadlocks) is a big-time pot dealer - with the tasty green buds hanging in the closet and pounds more growing in the basement! the main thing that shocks me about all this is MORE

did oprah betray stedman?

hey hey! this week's national enquirer is featuring more supposed drama between oprah winfrey and her long-time partner stedman graham - by claiming oprah's been getting all cozy with another man - i'm assuming the guy in question is pictured standing next to ms. winfrey over on portofino, italy a few weeks ago (he looks like her bodyguard to me) over the past few months oprah & stedman have been featured a bunch of times on the enquirer cover - MORE

cher’s secret wedding – a secret no more!

good evening! this week's national enquirer claims legendary diva cher is about to get hitched again (i believe this would be her second trip down the aisle) with a guy twenty-four years younger than her - who is supposedly an ex member of 'hells angels' - we've always known that cher has had a thing for bad boys who happen to be younger than her (remember bagel boy rob camilletti?) at least she's apparently putting a prenuptial agreement in MORE

more best & worst celebrity beach bodies!

good evening! here's the perfect national enquirer cover to kick off the upcoming holiday weekend - with the best and worst celebrity beach bodies (britney spears is featured prominently for letting it all hang out - at least she looks 1000x better than she did just a few months ago...) i'm totally going to try and hit the beach in the next few days - i'll totally keep my eyes peeled for any stars lounging out (especially since i'm thinking i MORE

more drama for dr. phil & robin!

good evening boys & girls! this week's national enquirer is featuring more drama for dr. phil mcgraw and his wife robin with the claim that all is not well with their marriage! last night dr. phil was at the george michael concert along with his wife - but then he was called out by george for not having a good time - everyone booed (myself included) his sorry ass - word is that he quickly left after all the hoopla! (i suppose i would leave too MORE