‘A Chorus Line’ is now available on Blu-ray!

A Chorus Line

Gosh, I have loved the Broadway musical, A Chorus Line (first performed back in 1975), for as long as I can remember! I finally got to see it performed on stage a couple of years ago during its 2006 Broadway revival, and it still remains one of my favorite musicals of all-time, with seriously incredible music provided by Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban (may they both rest in peace). There was also a film adaptation back in 1985 starring Michael MORE

Perfect Presents: Glee + Modern Family on DVD!

Can you believe the holiday season is right around the corner? Even though Halloween is still a few weeks away, I was at Costco (oh bulk shopping) the other day and they already had Christmas decorations for sale! Over the next few weeks I'll be recommending stuff to possibly pick up as the perfect holiday gift ... It will kind of be like Oprah Winfrey's annual favorite things list but unfortunately without the freebies! My first pick is two of MORE

must-have tuesday: showgirls on blu-ray!

i've seriously lost count of how many times i've seen showgirls (i know i saw it 4x in theaters when it first came out) it's pretty much my ultimate guilty pleasure movie - it's so awful but it's so damn fun to watch! today the 1995 film is finally being released on blu-ray ... the 15th anniversary sinsational edition! i just watched it the other night and the film never looked or sounded better - this is one movie that everyone definitely needs MORE

‘gone with the wind’ celebrates 70 years!

hey y'all! last weekend while my pal lisa was in town for thanksgiving - we both did something neither of us had done before - we watched all 233 minutes of the 1939 academy award-winning film gone with the wind (based on the 1936 novel by margaret mitchell) the ten time oscar winner just celebrated its 70th anniversary - with a special collector's edition box release on blu-ray and DVD - packed full of bonus footage & extras along with other MORE

‘the wizard of oz’ turns 70 (& gets a facelift!)

hey hey! say what you will but hollywood just doesn't make movies like the wizard of oz anymore (starring the legendary gay icon judy garland) it's crazy to think this film was made 70 years ago - back in 1939! it still holds up after all these years - when it first came out people must have been blown away! i recently got the brand new 70th anniversary box set edition (pictured below - it's also available on blu-ray) i watched it again (for MORE

follow that bird!

hey hey! i was so excited when i found out follow that bird was being re-released on DVD for its 25th anniversary - i've always had a soft spot for all things sesame street and this 1985 film is no exception! i hadn't seen it in a long time but last weekend i tossed it on and it instantly took me back - and was just as good as i remembered it! of course there's a huge nostalgia factor but i think kids today would totally enjoy it - it sure beats MORE

watership down the movie turns 30!

hey hey! i wanted to bring your attention to the recent DVD deluxe edition release of one of my favorite animated films of all-time watership down - based on the classic 1972 novel written by richard adams - the film is celebrating its 30th anniversary and i loved it as a kid (it was also zero mostel's final film appearance - he voiced 'kehaar the gull') i watched it this weekend and it still stands up today (although i wouldn't recommend it for MORE

time for a little ‘company’

hey kids! oh yes - today was one of those lazy days - recently i've been completely addicted to playing lego indiana jones adventures on xbox - i finally finished all the chapters - it's such a well-crafted game and super fun but now it's time for me to jump back into grand theft auto IV (yet i do feel guilty sometimes playing video games since it's such a big waste of time but i can't help myself...) anyways i had to go pick up an audio cable at MORE

all of ‘absolutely fabulous’ – now on DVD!

good morning! fans of the BBC series absolutely fabulous can now finally rejoice - the entire series is now available on DVD - a nine disc set called absolutely everything! although the show has been available before - it was never quite complete like this latest 'limited edition' release! i got a copy a few weeks ago (the packaging is gorgeous and is pictured below) and i've been watching it like a fiend - i love the oh so messy & hilarious MORE

DVD catch-up: atonement

good evening! i finally got around to watching atonement this afternoon which is fairly new to DVD (the film garnered 7 academy award nominations including best picture) i wasn't overly excited to watch it but oh my gosh - i freakin' LOVED it! the film held my attention the entire time - i thought the performances were excellent and the oscar-winning score was beautifully haunting! i also didn't realize legendary actress vanessa redgrave had a MORE

show business – the road to broadway

hey hey! today i did a whole lot of nothing which was refreshing for a change but i did manage to have brunch with some of my blogger comrades including - cindy, candy, sasha, and david - it's always nice to get together with other people in the same boat - we laughed a lot and of course got in a lot of 'high school' type gossip - since really sometimes blogging feels like being right back in high school! yesterday i received a preview copy of MORE

the hills season #2 – now on DVD!

good morning! so who else shares in my guilty pleasure the hills?!? when season #1 first aired i almost couldn't bear it but after watching a few episodes by accident - i became totally hooked on all the drama! the second season really kicked up the stakes by featuring the drama between one-time BFFs lauren conrad & heidi montag! they were best of friends - and moved into together when they relocated from laguna beach to the hollywood MORE

who loves mr. magoo?

good morning! right now i've got a toss out here on popbytes - recently the mr. magoo show was released as a complete DVD collection - a four disc set with twenty-six episodes featuring 130 remastered magoo cartoons! mr. magoo always found himself in a sticky situation because of his nearsightedness - which he was always stubborn to admit! i've got two copies of the DVD to toss out to popbytes readers - the first people to answer this two-part MORE

cult camp classics galore!

hey hey! i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend (the weather was awesome here in los angeles) i slept in this morning which i totally needed to do! i got a few local things done that i had to take care of and then i settled into watching two 'cult camp classics' while relaxing on my couch - the other day i was thrilled when the postman dropped off four DVD sets containing a total of twelve films that have been put in the cult & camp MORE