The biggest box office flop of 2014 is …

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

This was kind of a weird year at the box office. The highest-grossing film of the year involved Burt Macklin saving the universe alongside a talking tree and an angry raccoon while a sequel to a gritty box office smash ended up tanking and tanking hard. Well, IGN has compiled a list of the biggest flops of the year, and with a little math, I've put them together in order of which ones lost the most money. So without further ado, let's see the MORE

Box Office: Interviewing the unbroken hobbit in the woods!

Into The Woods

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies took the final box office of the year with a $41.4 Million weekend according to BoxOfficeMojo, which isn't half bad for a Tolkien movie in holiday months. I mean, it's no Return of the King, but at least they didn't go full Jar Jar Binks with this one. That being said, I'll be the first to admit that the CGI wasn't terribly great for the past three movies. A few prosthetics here and there would have done MORE

Box Office: ‘The Hobbit’ takes one final journey

The Hobbit

All right, my partner and I pretty split on The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies. He, claiming The Silmarillion as his favorite book of all time, thinks that The Hobbit movies are overly bloated to the point of watering down the content of the actual book. I, having never read any of the books, can recognize the faults in the movie (the CGI is serving Final Fantasy Cut Scene realness) but am otherwise entertained enough to give it a pass. I MORE

Sony Pictures caves in by shelving ‘The Interview’

The Interview

After having most of their new movies and personal emails leaked by North Korean hackers, and being threatened with violence, Sony Pictures decided last night to cancel the upcoming release of The Interview. I know you've probably already heard all of that, but I figured I'd do a quick recap before we jump into the meat of this post. The complete story, as reported by Variety ... “Sony Pictures has no further release plans for the film,” a MORE

Take look inside the world of Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’

Inside Out

You know what's weird? We're less than two week away from Christmas (less in fact, so now would be an excellent time to start panicking) and there absolutely zero feel-good Xmas movies out right now. The closest we have is Kirk Cameron's latest failure Saving Christmas, and that's about as feel-good as accidentally stabbing your tongue on a sharpened candy cane. So with that in mind, let's fill the void with the latest trailer for Pixar's Inside MORE

Trailer: ‘The Little Prince’

The Little Prince

Growing up in Montreal, you are required (by law) to be schooled in a French-immersion program. This of course means that at some point, you are required to read Le Petit Prince in its original French, first published in 1943. This of course lead me to the major realization that French kids are so utterly, ridiculously precious. I don't mean Quebec kids, because they're the worst. I mean real, actual French kids from France. Those kids are so MORE

Trailer: He’s Back … ‘Terminator Genisys’

Terminator Genisys

After a perfectly fine if somewhat forgettable reboot, Terminator is getting a fifth installment with Terminator Genisys due out in July 2015. Like the new Star Wars movie, it seems like the reboot (starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) is actually going back to the feel and aesthetic of the original movies, which feels like a step in the direction, but who cares? There are naked muscular men being sent back in time. You gotta good TENOUTTATEN. MORE

So, about the new ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ teaser …


For some reason, Disney decided to release the trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens (in theaters December 18, 2015) over the Thanksgiving weekend, when most (if not all) of the web was away. Actually, fun fact: I ended up working Thanksgiving,as well as most of the weekend in retail. I'm in friggin' Canada, and I can't tell you how many people still use American Thanksgiving as an excuse to go insane with sales. Anyway, now that MORE

Box Office: ‘Mockingjay’ beat those penguins!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

You know what happens when a movie from one of the biggest franchises ever gets released right before the biggest shopping week of the year? Obviously, it makes tons and tons of money. According to Box Office Mojo, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 rightfully settled into first place this weekend with $56.8 Million, which has pushed its total gross $100 Million above its budget. You know those Madagascar movies? Remember how the penguins MORE

Trailer: ‘Jurassic World’ with cutie Chris Pratt!

Jurassic World

So far, there has been something like three movies about how opening a park full of dinosaurs is a bad idea that will invariably end with Newman being eaten by a T-Rex while he's on the john. So of course, here's the new Jurassic World trailer, where once again, people fill an amusement park with dinosaurs and think, "what can go wrong?" But it does give Chris Pratt an excuse to smolder in a leather vest, so I approve. Jurassic World will MORE

‘Pitch Perfect 2′ is coming! (Well, of course it is!)

Pitch Perfect 2

2012's breakout hit Pitch Perfect was one of those movies that (A) was based on an original idea rather than being a (lazy take your pick) remake / sequel / adaptation, and (B) that actually managed to get a decent cult following going for it. What I'm kind of hoping is that, in about twenty years or so, this is one of the movies that we'll eventually look back on with sweet nostalgia, at least until clickbait websites runs that nostalgia into MORE

Box Office: Mockingjay (Part 1) takes flight!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 came out this weekend, so it shouldn't really surprise anyone that it was number one at the box office with $123 Million. What people are freaking out about, however, is the fact that it apparently earned 20% less than Catching Fire, according to BoxOfficeMojo. That sounds bad, until you take into consideration a few things: First, Catching Fire was still piggy backing off the success/word of mouth of the MORE

Good Grief! The trailer for ‘Peanuts’ (The Movie!)


Every once in a while, I like to pop in here and remind you about the weird little differences between Canada and the US. One of the most notable being that our Thanksgiving is in October rather than November, so once Halloween is out of the way, it's pretty much one big luge towards the holiday season. Which is why I'm sure most of you are probably already exhausted about Christmas, but not us! Especially when Peanuts releases a trailer MORE

Trailer: Disney’s (live-action) ‘Cinderella’


You have to give Disney credit where credit is due: They have a great understanding of their own image, and a keen awareness of how ... dated, shall we say, some of their earlier fare was. I mean yes, the Disney princess films are classics, but they're still very much aware of how much times have changed, and they're doing a lot to try and rework their formula to create better female characters. (Frozen in particular did this well, though you MORE