So The Grammys Were Handed Out Last Night …

The 57th Grammy Awards Winners

Look, I'll be honest here: I actually have an entire screed I want to tack on here, but before I do that, let's get to the list of last night's Grammy award winners because hey–good for them–am I right? Record of the Year: Sam Smith “Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)“ Song of the Year: Sam Smith “Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)“ Album of the Year: Beck Morning Phase Best New Artist: Sam Smith Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: A MORE

So The Grammy Awards were last night …

Daft Punk and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Yeah, I know, the Grammy Awards were last night and SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENED! We'll get to it, we swear, but first let's run down the list of the night's big winners (read: the albums), via Forbes ... RECORD OF THE YEAR Get Lucky Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers ALBUM OF THE YEAR Random Access Memories Daft Punk SONG OF THE YEAR Royals Joel Little & Ella Yelich O’Connor, songwriters (Lorde) BEST NEW MORE

So the Grammys were last night …

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Look, usually after an awards show, we do one quick post to wrap things up and leave it at that. But the Grammys were ... dude, that was a whole lot of crazy and diva realness crammed into one show, so we're actually going to have to spread this one out over a couple of posts for the day. Hell, we can't even put the full list of winners here, because there are like fifty bajillion winners, so I'm just going to condense it to the people who won MORE

Please don’t wear racy clothing to The Grammys!

Jennifer Lopez

Despite the fact that pop music is basically just G-rated porn with a thin layer of mediocre music laid over it, The Grammys have decided to jump up on their high-horse by proclaiming that everyone must dress up, and has banned any sort of racy clothing (remember Jennifer Lopez's barely there green Versace dress?) from the event. Via Deadline: Date: February 5, 2013, 10:39:56 PM EST Subject: 55th GRAMMYS: Standard And Practice Wardrobe MORE

The 2013 Grammy nominations are out!

The 55th Grammys

What's that? Another music awards show? Yay! I think it's been a whole two hours since the last one! But in all seriousness, The 55th Grammys (aka the only music awards show that actually matters) are coming up, and the list of nominees have been released, with Frank Ocean and Fun. the big winners with six nods a piece. I would have posted the entire nomination list here, but it turns out it's actually super long. So we're just going to limit it MORE

So the Grammys happened last night …

Jennifer Hudson

I'm not even going to try and pretend like the Grammys are worth more than a frozen dog turd because let's face it, no one takes the awards seriously anyway, so I'll just cut to the chase: Adele won everything, Bon Iver picked up a couple well-deserved awards, Amy Winehouse picked one up posthumously, and Chris Brown beat a bunch of people to win an award. Emphasis on the beat because hey, remember how Chris nearly beat a woman to death and left MORE

Adele will perform at the Grammys!


Good news, music lovers! It seems that Adele has bounced back rather quickly from her throat surgery, and has announced that she'll be doing her first post-surgery performance at the Grammys and could potentially walk off with six awards! Yay! But she still won't be making another album for a while, sooooo ... sad again. The Huffington Post reports: "Ima be, Ima be singing at the Grammys. It's been so long I started to forget I was a singer! I MORE

Kanye West and Adele lead the Grammy nominees!


The list of nominees for the 2012 Grammy Awards has just been released, and for once, it isn't a complete crap show of records, songs and albums from two years ago. No, really. They actually got it sort of right for once. I know, I'm as shocked as you are here. Anyway, here's the abridged version from CBS News: It was Adele's year, and when the Grammy Awards are revealed next February, it very well may be her night. But on Wednesday night, the MORE

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards!

hey hey! is everyone pumped for the grammy awards tonight? mainly i'm excited to see the performances but i'm super bummed the festivities won't be airing live here on the west coast - i know there are internet feeds out there but it's just not the same - i need to see it on the TV! anyways i'll be adding in pictures of the red carpet arrivals and posting the winners below as they come in plus i'll be tweeting away - so please make sure to follow MORE

52nd grammy awards – nominations are in

beyoncé leads grammy nominations with ten, taylor swift earns eight; black eyed peas, maxwell and kanye west each garner six; and david guetta, jay-z and lady gaga each earn five! i am thrilled for beyoncé and lady gaga but i'm super upset that whitney houston was shut out - they even changed the release date of her album i look to you just so it could qualify for grammy nominations - i'm so pissed off right now - major ugh! Album Of The MORE

the 51st grammy award nominations are in!

hey hey! tonight instead of the usual early morning nomination announcement - the 51st annual grammy award nominees were announced during a live concert that aired over on CBS (held in downtown los angeles) with a bunch of performances (including my darling celine dion doing a cover of janis ian's 'at seventeen') it turned out to be a better show than i thought but lordy - do they really need to have a pre-show like this? talk about stretching it MORE

amy winehouse won 5 grammys!

oh my gosh - i'm thrilled that my amy winehouse walked off with five grammy awards tonight - but i'm super bummed she lost out for 'album of the year' to herbie hancock - ugh! i don't have anything against mr. hancock but amy totally deserved to win - back to black is one tight album - i still love it so much! thankfully she managed to perform via satellite from london - and she was awesome - totally clean & sober (the video is posted below) i MORE

live blogging the 49th annual grammy awards

well hello hello hello everyone! oh yes it's the start of the 49th annual grammy awards...again i hate the fact that i'm blogging the show on a west coast delay but i guess that's a small price to pay for the gorgeous weather this weekend here in los angeles! the funny part of all this is i've got my mom & dad over on the couch - i'm forcing them to watch the grammys although they could care less...i told 'em they'd just have to grin and bear MORE

48th grammy awards!

hey y'all! so i am going to try to update as the show goes down on the west coast - i know it's delayed here on TV - but i am going to pretend it's live and not look for any news on the winners...i was watching 'joan & melissa' over on TV Guide Channel - and to be honest - they were talking to the most boring people there... so i went ahead and switched over to E! - where i finally saw some of the people i wanted to see...anyways the show starts MORE