And the SAG Award winners are …

Birdman / Michael Keaton

We're in the home stretch of awards season, which means it's time for the guild awards to start handing out pudding amongst their peers. This weekend gave us the double-header of the Producers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild, who both saw fit to give top honors to Birdman, which now puts it neck and neck with Boyhood for the top pudding at the Oscars. Anyway, let's take a look at all the actors who were rewarded for their work this MORE

The Oscar nominees are here!


Oh, you know what time it is: It's time to play our favorite Oscar nominations game, "Wait, what's that movie? How did that one get nominated? Why did they leave out ... HUH?!?!?!" You know how it works. Just read through the list of Academy Award nominees with an air of confusion because you didn't actually see any of these movies, even though you told yourself you were going to hit up the critical darlings this year but instead went to go see MORE

Winners: 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards!

Tina Fey, Margaret Cho and Amy Poehler

The best run award shows are the ones where nothing major happens. If the biggest thing you remember is that the hosts knocked it out of the park with their opening monologues, then job well done by the producers! You nailed it. Anyway, let's see who won the Golden Globes and went home with the pudding, shall we? Best Drama Motion Picture Boyhood Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama Julianne Moore, Still Alice Best Actor In a Motion MORE

The SAG Awards nominations are out!

SAG Awards

Remember how I said December was basically one massive clusterf*ck of year-end retrospectives / holidays / announcements for the new year? Well, I almost forgot to add "AWARD SEASON", because oh yeah, it's starting. The hype train is on the rails and nothing will stop it. So first, we have the Screen Actors Guild Awards (taking place January 25th), the fanciest and most high-falutin' of the awards show because it involves a guild. The MORE

So the 2014 Emmy Awards were handed out last night …

66th Primetime Emmy Awards

Well, that was anticlimactic. Yes, I actually managed to watch the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards last night hosted by Seth Meyers, and yes, they went off pretty smoothly. But I stick with my initial reaction: There were no real surprises. It was like a repeat performance, watching all the previous winners (Breaking Bad! Modern Family! Jim Parsons, the only saving grace of The Big Bang Theory!) all get yet another win. Anyway, here's the complete MORE

So the Critics’ Choice TV Awards were handed out …

Critics' Choice Television Awards

You know the drill: Pack a bunch of famous people into a room, hand out awards, which they either accept graciously or they lose with a smile on their face and resentment in their hearts, which will burn, cold yet fiery, until they get into their car and they're able to yell at one of their personal assistants. Anyway, this time it was the Critics' Choice Television Awards, so let's all see who the people responsible for judging the visual arts MORE

The 2014 Billboard Music Awards were last night …

2014 Billboard Music Awards

It's only been about a couple months since the avalanche of awards shows came to a close, but as we all know, celebrities needs a constant stream of assurance or else they will cease to exist in their dimension and fall back into ours. And so, The 2014 Billboard Music Awards were last night to celebrate people who actually do the right thing and buy their music (seriously, it's like $10 for an album. Barely a dollar per song!) and here's the MORE

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards were last night …

2014 MTV Movie Awards

Okay, so real talk here: As much as people regard the Oscars as the be-all, end-all for film excellence, 2014 MTV Movie Awards have a pretty decent track record. At least when they're not giving the award for Best Movie to Twilight, because seriously, what was that? I know this is voted on by teenagers, but still. Anyway, the 2014 awards were yesterday, and The Hunger Games won, so I can't complain. The full list of winners via HuffPo MORE

Nominees: The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

2014 MTV Movie Awards

What's that? The Oscars just happened and you're a little exhausted from all this awards season chatter? Well SUCK IT UP, because here come the 2014 MTV Movie Awards to hand out little golden popcorn cups to famous people. For you see, famous people are frail creatures, and if they ever stop being congratulated for being millionaires, they will whither away into nothingness. Do you want Will Ferrell to stop existing, you heartless monster? No, I MORE

… And here’s who won big at the Razzie Awards

Movie 43

While most of Hollywood gathered together last night to honor the best of the best, a select few gathered a day earlier to destroy the worst of the worst for the Razzie Awards. This year, the big winners were Will Smith and his faux-philosopher, nepotistic son Jaden Smith, as well as Movie 43. Yeah, remember Movie 43? No one else does either. The winners via Rotten Tomatoes ... Worst Picture Movie 43 Worst Actor Jaden Smith, After MORE

Here’s who won big at The Academy Awards last night …

The Oscars

The bad news is that there really isn't that much to talk about in regards to the Oscars. The good news is that that means everyone did their job; remember how newsworthy last year's Oscars were? Well, that was because everyone hated Seth MacFarlane afterwards. A well done Academy Awards is one that doesn't throw us easy stories. So let's just jump straight into the winners then, shall we? Best Picture 12 Years A Slave Best MORE

Take a look inside the Oscars ‘losers’ gift bags!

The Oscars

The Oscar gift bags are notorious for being extravagant, lavish prizes whose overall cost could by a nice house in a small town. This year is no different, and the gift bags for the nominees who don't win reportedly cost around $80,000 a pop. So behold the many contents, via HuffPo ... Wine-infused chocolates from Chicago-based Chocolatines 10,000 Halo natural pet food meal donations made to the loser's pet charity of choice Hydroxycut MORE

“Alone Yet Not Alone” lost its Oscar nomination

Alone Yet Not Alone

When the Oscar nominations were first announced, there was a bit of a kerfuffle over one of the nominees in the Best Original Song category. Turns out, the self-titled song from Alone Yet Not Alone was written by Bruce Broughton, who as it turns out is a former governor for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and is currently on the executive committee. In layman's terms, he's one of the people who runs the Oscars. Seeing as that's MORE

So The Grammy Awards were last night …

Daft Punk and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Yeah, I know, the Grammy Awards were last night and SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENED! We'll get to it, we swear, but first let's run down the list of the night's big winners (read: the albums), via Forbes ... RECORD OF THE YEAR Get Lucky Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers ALBUM OF THE YEAR Random Access Memories Daft Punk SONG OF THE YEAR Royals Joel Little & Ella Yelich O’Connor, songwriters (Lorde) BEST NEW MORE