anthony kiedis gets his man-skirt on!

anthony kiedis gets his man-skirt on!
February 12, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! below is the latest cover for the upcoming issue of blender magazine (on sale tomorrow feb 13th) which features RHCP‘s still hot & gorgeous lead singer anthony kiedis (lookin’ sexy in a man-skirt) mr. kiedis and his bandmates put on a great performance at last night’s grammy awards – i was thrilled when the band walked off with the ‘best rock album’ award for their two-disc kick-ass album stadium arcadium! also check out the quotes from anthony where he admits to having had an online porn addiction which he seems to now have under control…popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

on being recognized by the recording industry: “it’s a thrill to hear that the two years we dedicated to making this record mattered. but the ultimate moment of joy and approval happens the minute we write a song.”

on becoming the next rolling stones: “they’ve made great music, but they don’t seem like something i’d like us to be. they don’t seem to have a real band unity. i don’t know that they enjoy the process as much.”

on addictive personality: “when i finally got a computer, i discovered this limitless world of pornography. and i realized the feeling that i was having was like the feeling that i used to get when i’d go score drugs. i actually had to make a commitment to myself to stop.”

on his musical taste: “the majority of the music that i love comes from people who are in rebellion against the physical part of their lives. but i think the two go together great. there’s something absolutely freeing about being able to turn your body into a whirling dervish.”