Another lawsuit for the Kardashians?

Another lawsuit for the Kardashians?
October 29, 2012 JEREMY FEIST
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian

You know who has no business selling make-up to anyone? The Kardashians. Seriously, they don’t put makeup on so much as they apply it with a paint roller. I’ve seen paper plate masks with more human-looking features than the Kardashians. Regardless, the Kardashians are ramping up to sell a line of cheap-ass make-up called Khroma Beauty, because people are stupid and the Kardashians are functionally illiterate. Except it turns out there’s already a line of make-up called Chroma, and the guy behind it is none too happy to be associated to some bargain bin powder. TMZ reports …

Michael Rey, the co-owner of Chroma Makeup in Bev Hills tells TMZ …. his brand took 12 years of blood, sweat and tears to build and now boasts an A-List clientele — but he grouses the Kardashians line cheapens his products and creates confusion in the marketplace. Michael fears his high-end customers will run for other parts of the Hills … thinking their primo cosmetics are not so primo after all ….and they’ll be embarrassed to say they wear Chroma.

Normally, I write these sorts of things off as frivolous cash grabs, but in all fairness, this is a guy who actually worked his way up using talent and determination, only to have his brand high-jacked by three harpies who can’t say work without their skin melting off like the ending Ark of the Covenant.

Kim: Hey Mom, what’s the word right here mean?
Kris: What, you mean “work”?
Kris: WHAT HAVE I DONE?! (Both melt into a puddle of saline.)

Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian