anna nicole does supreme court

anna nicole does supreme court
February 28, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh so it’s the last day of february and you know when you are kinda waiting for something to happen that you have known about it for months – well today that something happened – yes it’s our lovable & oh so super messy anna nicole taking her money battle all the way to the ‘supreme court o’ the united states’ – this is anna’s ‘big time’ in getting her paws on all that j howard marshall money and there is loads of it…this battle has been going on for over 11 years! can you believe that? i was 19 when marshall dropped dead – gosh it all seems like just yesterday! oh those crazy late 90s! those were the days people – those were the days…

my good pop friend kevin mused today at work that anna going all supreme on us is a for sure sign that the apocalypse is headed our way – i just say give the gal a good big ass chunk of money and call it a fucking day – seriously – it just needs to be over! i hope her dog sugar pie is holding up through all this drama – poor thing!

anyways i am watching the girls perform on idol – i’m about half way through and it just sucks tonight – song choice ladies – song choice…popbytes over & out – check you all tomorrow when march may come flying in as a gossip lion…xxoo!