anna nicole does dog food!

anna nicole does dog food!
October 30, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

gosh i love turning the clocks back one hour! fall back so beats spring ahead – and most of my clocks set themselves forward – so barely noticed until i got in the car this afternoon – and then i realized we had fallen back! woo hoo! so let’s move on to a couple of pop items of note…

oh that anna nicole – she is always on the front lines of social protest! (or at least her boobs make it to the frontline first!) well this time she isn’t asking us if we like her body and telling us to snort trimspa – but rather she is telling us to boycott IAMS dog food – ms. smith has teamed up with the animal cruelty organization PETA – generally i always support them being an animal lover but sometimes they do go a bit overboard…you can check out what they are claiming over on iamscruelty.com

so sadly i had to break the news to my dogs parker & fidel that their favorite food was coming under fire – they seemed to understand – but they do want to finish out their remaining supply (they so love the green bag mini-chunks!) – and then perhaps switch to another brand until all the hoopla settles down! it is a shame since i always thought IAMS to be the best dog food – recommended by vets everywhere – who even knows now? paws down on this one – :(

is there anything left sacred today? when the one thing you never have to worry about (like your dog’s food) comes under question – it can rock your world (or in this case your dogs!) so i will remain on IAMS watch and keep you posted on how this all goes down…

oh this is a fun one kids! sarah silverman who is just an outrageously funny stand-up comedian (and linked romantically to jimmy kimmel) is releasing a movie very soon – based on her stand-up act – jesus is magic – what a great title – i hope to see it soon – popbytes so loves her twisted sense of humor (as is my own) – i will make sure to fill you all in – but check out the website in the meantime…


Silverman, who has been compared to the legendary Lenny Bruce, is known
as one of the funniest and most provocative people in comedy. Despite
the current political climate, in JESUS IS MAGIC she takes on such
pitch-black topics as September 11th, unwanted body hair, and the
Holocaust, and spins them into decidedly un-politically correct comedic
gold. As she says in the film, “When God gives you AIDS, (and God does
give you AIDS, by the way) make LemonAIDS.”

so gosh that whole janet jackson secret daughter thing is so weird – check out the pic to the left (thanks to celebrity scum) – if it ain’t janet’s kid – it sure is a jackson – apparently ‘renee’ is daughter of janet and ex-hubby james debarge but lives (in secret?!?) with rebbie jackson (i hadn’t even heard of a rebbie jackson until now!) – i can’t wait to see how this one turns out – and no worries – this girl can sing too or at least that is what renee’s little brother young debarge (who names their kid young?!?) is claiming – i smell cash, do you? this all too wacky! oh those jacksons – it’s a laugh a minute with them!

oh i am out for now – at least tomorrow is halloween and i will be posting about my favorite scary movie of all time that actually seems very relevant today…so check back tomorrow! xxoo