Angelina Jolie – forced into therapy?!

good morning! the latest cover of STAR magazine is claiming there’s trouble brewing again for angelina jolie who is possibly being treated for depression (it sounds like a case of the baby blues) a supposedly frantic brad pitt is insisting angie needs to seek professional help! she has been keeping a low profile since the birth of twins knox leon & vivienne marcheline – so who knows what is really up with her but i do hope that everything is fine! we’ll probably see her in public again once publicity for her new flick changeling (directed by clint eastwood) kicks into high gear!

in other news there’s more on heather locklear sadly hitting rock bottom and her recent arrest – plus we’ve got romance rumors swirling around jennifer aniston and leonardo dicaprio (they’d actually make a cool couple) and what is going on between britney spears and her baby daddy ex-hubby kevin federline? are there secret hotel trysts taking place?!? they were just featured last week on the cover of national enquirer for supposedly being in couples counseling – maybe something really is going on between brit & k-fed! (i wouldn’t mind a reunion at all – it’d be great for their two kids plus kevin turned out to be a decent dad – she could definitely do worse…hello adnan ghalib or sam lufti!) popbytes over & out for now…xoxo

In the Oct. 13 issue of Star we report that almost three months after the birth of her twins, Angie is still in a deep funk — and Brad is so determined to get her back to her old self that he put her in therapy to get her to eat, get out of the house and put an end to her intense mood swings.

“Angelina didn’t want to accept the fact that she was struggling after the twins were born and was really resistant to Brad’s pleas for her to get help,” an insider tells Star. “But she finally agreed.”

While still in France at Château Miraval, Angie started seeing the doctor — who Brad found in Paris — for daily power sessions, says another source. Now that they’ve moved to Berlin, where they’re staying in a 30,000-square-foot mansion called Palais Parkschloss, she’s continued their sessions via phone and webcam.

So what kinds of things is Angie working out? For one, the mother of six has been unhappy with her body since the July 12 birth of Knox and Vivienne, sources say, and has hardly been eating.

“She still thinks she’s fat,” says a source. “She barely touches the food that is brought to her. After a few bites she’ll say, ‘Take it away; I’m not hungry.’ Brad is trying to get her to eat more, but she has no appetite. She clearly has a problem with her self-image. She’s lost some of the baby weight but thinks she still has fat on her stomach. Brad tells her she doesn’t and thinks it’s all in her head, but she still thinks she sees it.” READ MORE

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  • BU

    You know, since millions of fans are boycotting these rags that slam and lie on this family and others – I suggest boycotting this site for pimping these trashloids. Word up, if you have the craploids ear, try redeeming yourself by telling them not only are they being proactively left on the shelf and hidden in the frozen food sections, but that your site will be feeling the hit too. Maybe when they finally see that there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the downward revenue spiral they experience, they’ll get it through their heads that they should stop slandering good people and kicking them in the head for no reason. Really now, why do I want to read that??

  • What a sh*t rag

    Seriously, who over at Star is actually digging on maligning a new Mom of twins, mother of 6. What? It’s not enough that she gives millions away, is a UN Ambassador, has half a dozen philanthropic projects she’s on the board of, supports the troops, gives Oscar worthy performances in her profession of choice, and is a loving and supporting partner? So when she flies into NY to promote Changeling in less than 48 hrs, and do her round of press – looking poised and fabulous as usual, and speaking in glowing terms of Brad and her life and her kids, AS USUAL — are they going to write next week, that Brad ‘forcing her into therapy,’ for half a day did the trick?? LOL What losers. I mean seriously, why doesn’t Star take all the money they get from Walmart illiterates, and light it on fire.

  • ha!

    Why does anyone not just look at these covers while checking out, laugh and then move on? Who wastes their money on this crapola. Seriously. And I love how the poor Jolie Pitt’s cannot win..if they give interviews and are seen out and about together then they are publicity whores and if they bunker down for some family time and are not seen then the tabloids become a free for all of outrageous rumor!

  • miller

    Not surprising.
    It’s common knowledge to anyone with a brain that Angie is freaking NUTS!

  • Bystander

    Seems i read this kind of ExCLUSIVE before same crap when Shiloh was born. As for this “insider” puleassseeee does STAR mag thinks that all people are a bunch of idiots( except those who buy their mags coz if you buy this mag and believe what is reported you’re a certified IDIOT) . Just think if you’re a friend of the JP’s would you be talking about these intimate details to the press????? coz really if you know that Angelina is having her session via webcam you would be living up close and personal with the JP’s . IT’S ALL BULLSH*T !!

  • blady02

    Nothing is going to help KARMA! I hope it is the end of the road for her, she deserves all the suffering she is going through and more to come! Serves her right! BREAK UP! inevitable!

  • lala

    Hello people, it’s called ANOREXIA.
    She’s had it for a LONG TIME, which is why she’s always so skeletal!
    Open your eyes!