angelina jolie flying & skinny!

angelina jolie flying & skinny!
March 14, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everybody – so i know we all have heard about a very pregnant (7.5 months) angelina jolie and her flying lessons & attempts at piloting a small plane – her and boyfriend (or husband – who knows with these two…) brad pitt were flying in the south of france (gosh what a life these two are living! take popbytes with you!) some people may say she is way too far along in her pregnancy to be flying but whatever you know that baby is going to come out a born action star – he or she going to come out with fists up & ready to go! mr & mrs. smith + baby make three (well actually five – who could forget maddox or zahara?)

one thing bothers me about the pictures below though…don’t her arms look super skinny? i knew she was thin but when i saw these pics i was immediately struck by those long skinny arms! does anyone else agree with me???

but after all the craziness of this whole situation from its start until now (oh brangelina!) i just can’t wait until she finally has her baby – it will be so trippy to see angelina and HER BABY – plus wth brad being the dad – can we just all say this out loud – oh MY word! that kid is going to be set for life and with those genes i think we could be witnessing the birth of a superhero! unlike the other preggers couple which will be more like ‘rosemary’s baby’ – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!