angelina jolie: comparing apples to oranges

angelina jolie: comparing apples to oranges
February 7, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! i’m still a little peeved that STAR magazine went after my darling angelina jolie‘s weight this week…the scan below is where they did the past vs. now comparison! the magazine claims ms. jolie has lost twelve pounds in time spanning…six years! come on…comparing a picture from back in ’01 to an ’07 picture is completely ridiculous! plus her outfits are totally different – right now i’m totally standing by my angelina – she’s one of my favorite people ever! (yes popbytes is a broken record – i play for team aniston too) did anybody think that maybe her moody ways on the red carpet at the golden globes was due to the fact that her mother was near death’s door?

that’s one thing i always try to keep in mind with dealing with just about anybody…no one really knows what anyone is going through at any given time – i’ve had plenty of times while blogging that i’ve had to deal with a shit situation and never let on! i don’t feel like going all deep here & now but sometimes i think to myself tara reid and/or jessica simpson…they’re real people too – just like you and me! ok i went slightly deep…thank heavens i didn’t bring paris hilton into the deep thought club tonight! (i have a really funny story about deep thoughts & people that i must tell one time here…it involves those bowling competitions that you can sometimes catch late at night!) popbytes is totally over & out for today…i’ll be back in the morning – xxoo!