amy winehouse – rehab – hot chip remix!

amy winehouse – rehab – hot chip remix!
December 6, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

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dudes – welcome to my obsession! i literally cannot stop listening to my darling amy winehouse‘s second album back to black which has only been released in UK (i know it’s a total shame) but i just found out the album will finally get a stateside release here on march 20th…thank heavens! even though amy hasn’t been released here this year i have a feeling that she’s going to land the #1 spot for my top ten albums of 2006 post which i’ve been trying to compile since it’s about that time of year! she was neck & neck for the top spot with lily allen and her debut album alright, still but in my head amy just inched out ahead! (and yes i do have a thing for messy ladies – ms. winehouse at times has been a drop messy but that’s so part of her appeal – along the lines of my courtney love)

ms. winehouse has made a truly incredible album that is almost beyond description – it’s a mix of old & new styles all done with such a sassy raw vibe – when i first heard the single rehab (watch the video) i was instantly sold! i also think the whole album has a total mass appeal even though it’s quite different than anything else out there at the moment! gosh i even think my mom & dad would enjoy amy’s back to black! plus her debut album (from ’03) frank (nominated for two brit awards) is very decent! don’t worry if you haven’t heard of her yet – you will (especially here on popbytes) and below is tasty smorgasboard of .mp3 files & youtube vids – please check them all out! but you seriously must listen to the rehab – hot chip remix – oh it’s hot hot hot! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS special shout-outs to my fellow amy peeps including joey, candace, victoria, angel, ali, brent, tina and shawn who hooked this all up!

amy winehouse goodies!!!

listen to rehab [hot chip remix] (.mp3)

listen to rehab [original] (.mp3)

watch amy at the butcher shop! (oh she’s wild!)

live performance of ‘rehab’ on jools holland

amy performs ‘beat it’ with charlotte church!

eight everyday objects & amy

‘you know i’m no good’ with ghostface killa (windows media player)

amy’s second single video for ‘you know i’m no good’

amy’s video for ‘f**k me pumps’ from ‘frank’