March 31, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh poor amy adams – and she did SO well in country week – and was far better than some others – namedly sweet as pie john stevens – and he so knew it – they cut to him looking all doom and gloom multiple times! amy was a sport – and like she said shes not leaving – this is a sassy girl – with tons of spunk and personality – you go girl! and also i must say that JPL’s hair was so much better than tuesday – MUCH MUCH – better!

i actually was pulled into THE OC tonight as well – once i heard that some ‘mom’ slept with her daughters ex-boyfriend – and was now missing? and maybe they should call her ‘doctors’ – i was like this is trashy OC heaven! and i do love me some linda lavin – you all must remember ALICE – that was a great sitcom! with vera, flo – and mel! oh those were the days!

THE SWAN is starting next week on my fave FOX – where like these ‘ugly’ women undergo intensive plastic surgery – and are kept hidden away from mirrors for like three months! and then in the end – they will have a beauty pagent – where one lucky ‘ugly ducking’ will turn into a swan – right before our very eyes – albeit from a ‘team’ (a team – yes a TEAM) of skilled bevy hills plastic ‘surgeons’ – of course who can keep from watching this train wreck – gosh i just thought what about reverse plastic surgery – like take some beautiful person and make them ugly – im so sure FOX can think of an angle for this – even if its to be punishment from being banished from EDEN – you are banished from EDEN – forever to live UGLY! – gosh who can wait to see the reign of NEVEEN (girl you need to blot a bit tho – its tears or sweat! blot!!) – but oh NEVEEN – long live queen of eden! I FREAKIN LOVE FOX!