gosh this week has been a bit insane – and now tomorrow is friday! whats been going on? well im super glad camille got the boot on AMERICAN IDOL – but can you believe that red wasnt in the bottom three? i voted 5 times for latoya – and 5 times for jennifer hudson! now there is only 7 left i think – its getting there – ok im going to run down some quick points of interest…

1. ted turner got his star on the walk of fame – big deal! i did spy betty garrett from ALL IN THE FAMILY (she played edith’s cousin irene) and people seemed to be chasing jeff daniels down the blovd for his autograph – he was really tall in person!

2. THE WHOLE TEN YARDS had its premiere on the blvd last night – perry and willis were in full action – and now there is this rumor that demi may actually marry boy toy ashton – and bruce may attend! wild!

3. I believe this sunday or soon – they are going to be airing THE NICK AND JESSICA SHOW on abc – a one hour variety show in the style of and as an homage to the late sonny bono – and the indestructible amazing cher – it actually looks fun – and KENNY ROGERS makes an appearance singing ISLANDS IN THE STREAM – with jessica simpson – donned up as ms dolly parton herself! and jewel actually stops by – jessica apparently has idolized her – ok i do love jessica and i have been known to listen to jewel – but this kinda scared me!

4. oh j lo and her mom – and that 2.4 million jackpot mrs. mom lopez won – and now its been reported that j lo really is in fact dating singer (horrible one albeit) marc anthony – who had to make a statement that lopez did not break up his marriage – i would like to her the ex mrs anthony on that one – we all know j lo is a homewrecker!

5. ok michael bergin who has that trashy book about that kennedy chick – is surprised there is such a backlash – NO SHIT SHERLOCK – just shut the fuck up and let them rest in peace!
ok and dont forget im due at a screening for KILL BILL VOL 2 tomorrow night – expect a full report and im sure a glowing recommendation! VOL 1 is out on DVD on tues apr 13 – this is one to catch if you fucked up by not seeing in the theater!

ok and finally i would recommend THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – the new one hit dvd shelves last week – and this shit was scary – if yr down with horror movies this is a must – if not – stay away! ok im outtie – more soon!