Alyssa Milano has a ‘sex tape’ now

Alyssa Milano has a ‘sex tape’ now
September 5, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Alyssa Milano

So here’s Alyssa Milano‘s sex tape, which — surprise! — is actually just a spoof filmed for Funny or Die. I understand the whole concept behind it, in that people get way too into celebrity gossip than actual news, but part of me also feels like you can’t really force people to become interested in the issues you hold dear. I get that Syria is an important issue and something that everyone should be learning about more than they are, but you can’t really begrudge others for wanting some sort of levity to counter-balance serious issues like this. Gossip and pastimes are supposed to be the lighter, fluffier side of life that serves as the equilibrium for heavier, serious topics. Finding a balance and taking in both in moderation is what we should be aiming for. Which, to be fair, is what this video got right.

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