all this swapping!

all this swapping!
March 21, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh kids! it’s monday! ok so first there was wife swap – then they had a special boss swap – and now ABC returns this week with yet another ‘swap’ special vacation swap – i’m so into these swaps – what will they swap next? oh my gosh they so need to do ‘pet swap’ – i have always loved ‘fish out o’ water’ situations – and there have been some good ones on ABC (and don’t forget about FOX’s trading spouses) – so tune in this wedensday to catch some madness on vacation swap – popbytes out for now!

Could your family survive a two-week vacation with a completely different family you’ve never met?

See what happens when a millionaire family accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle, complete with a butler and chef, goes on holiday with a blue-collar family whose idea of a vacation is roughing it in a trailer park!

For this special broadcast, two families who have never met both agree to take vacations together. In the first week, one family goes on vacation with the other at a location and in a style that’s completely foreign to them, while in the second week, the other family vacations the way the first traditionally does. It’ll be a vacation package neither will ever forget.