all hail fiona apple!

all hail fiona apple!
October 4, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh today is the day people – the best album of the year comes out in stores – it sure is one extraordinary machine – it’s been six long years since fiona apple‘s last brilliant commercial release (when the pawn…) – and fans have been on edge ever since – this past year we were all lucky enough to get a copy of the bootleg version of the album that was ‘accidently’ leaked – i think hardly an accident – a very smart move by someone – she never would have gotten the buzz she has stirred up with this ‘official’ commercial release (and re-worked from the bootleg version) – i am so glad this album is being released as it really is quite excellent – i have had oh so many listens over the past few months – i love it (especially the bootleg version) – that fiona sure made us wait it out – but this was well worth the wait – hardcore fiona fans already know & love it – plus i think she will pick up some new fans as well – raw talent turned into crazy brilliant music – you go fiona – this is one album to be heard & applauded – and i do smell grammy and other accolades – what’s the girl to do for her fourth album? i can’t wait to find out – and fiona will be touring with this album too – can’t wait to see her again live! now that is an experience…popbytes out for now!

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