ali lohan calls harry morton – everyday?!?

ali lohan calls harry morton – everyday?!?
September 6, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

so i saw this article in STAR about lindsay lohan not being engaged…i’m all been there – read that – blah blah blah…who the hell cares?!? then i saw the bit of text underneath dina lohan‘s mug…

Although Dina Lohan tells Star that Lindsay and Harry Morton aren’t engaged, she and daughter Ali, 12 – whose album, Lohan Holiday, debuts Oct.10 – think the world of him.”Ali calls him each day,” says Dina. “She’s got his cell phone number now.”

ms. lohan already has issues with other girls around boyfriend harry morton…now she also has to worry about little sister ali lohan! don’t you think it’s a bit strange that dina says that ali calls her sister’s boyfriend everyday? what an oddball family! with all of the lohan sister calls & text messages that harry must be a very busy (and progressively annoyed) boy…note to mr. morton: slow down any possible thoughts about engagement unless you want to end up with all the lohan girls bugging the crap out of you for life – don’t even drive by cartier!

let’s talk about dina for a second…isn’t she is like the ultimate stage mother? i’m positive that in exchange for her lindsay not engaged ‘news’ – she insisted on the mention of ali’s upcoming album (i’m ignoring the fact that she has an album coming out – i can’t even begin to think about it – we need a holiday album from ali lohan like we need a hole in the head) dina just needs to jump to the chase and announce that her and the girls will be doing a re-make of gypsy…i can so see dina channeling (a trashy) ‘mama rose’ – it’s a scary thought i know! (maybe the part could be renamed ‘mama firecrotch’ – gosh ethel merman just blinked) popbytes over & out for tonight – check you all tomorrow!