Alexander Skarsgard does ‘Tails For Whales’

Alexander Skarsgard does ‘Tails For Whales’
August 4, 2009 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! the other day i got an email seeing if i had any interest in posting this adorable picture of true blood vampire hottie alexander skarsgård doing his best tails for whales pose – of course i immediately said yes – not only do i love him on the show (although sadly i’m two episodes behind right now) but the campaign is actually for a very worthy cause – helping to raise awareness about the threats facing whales and their habitats including commercial whaling and climate change! for tons of more information on the visual petition – please make sure to check out the website tailsforwhales.org – where you can upload your very own whale tail picture and join the fight for the whales! below is mr. skarsgård’s co-star kristin bauer – along with super hunky dylan walsh from nip/tuck (the series’ final episodes will air in the fall) popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

alexander skarsgard
kristin bauer
dylan walsh