alexander premiere

alexander premiere
November 16, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

took place today – a big long red carpet – i should have snagged some pics but i didnt – but i did manage to catch angelina jolie from the window (but by that time it was dark so pics wouldnt have come out) – and as usual angelina made it across the street to sign autographs – in a low cut and what looked like a backless black dress – and she signed many autographs – i was quite impressed – its says a lot about a person i think – some people started gathering spots around 10am – so im glad she did that – as i snaked my way home – cross over hollywood on highland – there was a limo on the corner – and the back window was open – and there i see val kilmer – so i shout out ‘val’ and sexy mr kilmer gave me the peace sign and smiled – so i was happy – and i cant wait to see alexander because of two words – OLIVER STONE ok and colin…popbytes out for now