adam lambert is my american idol

adam lambert is my american idol

oh my word! i said i wouldn’t do a post about american idol on twitter – but on second thought (after i calmed down – if you guys saw me – you might have called 911) i figured i should at least post something – i’m beyond disappointed and bummed that adam lambert lost tonight to kris allen – hands down mr. lambert is a far better singer and overall performer than mr. allen! i can’t help but think that homophobia played some part in tonight’s results – obviously adam is gay – kris happens to be a southern ‘christian’ boy – it just makes me upset to even think stuff like that affected voting yet i know it did (plus i doubt producers want to deal with possible right-wing protests over a gay idol) i never get up on a soapbox here on popbytes – but i do think that everyone needs to live and let live – i’m not asking for special rights/privileges – i just want to be able to live my life without feeling like a 2nd class citizen! i still don’t really get why some people still have such a problem with gays & lesbians? (there’s many more way important issues than someone’s sexuality) in the end – i know adam lambert has an amazing career ahead of him – plus he won’t be held to the constraints of being the ‘idol’ winner – i seriously can’t wait for his debut album – his sales are bound to outdo anything mr. allen puts out! popbytes over & out for tonight – much love to all as always – especially everyone who was so very kind to me on both twitter & facebook – it’s great having the support! xoxo

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