ABC vs human league

ABC vs human league
May 11, 2006 TEAM POPBYTES

hey kids! here is this week’s featured mashup from DJ paul v. – it’s ABC vs. human league with millionaire reaction – i’m very swamped today so i will let paul v. take it from here – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

Having come up through the 80’s and starting my DJ career in the
beginning of that decade, I’m always thrilled when some of my favorite
songs/artists of the era get mashed together. And this one is seriously
a delicious slice of synth-pop nirvana – it’s ABC vs. Human League,
Millionaire Action. And just to add some 2K flava, there’s a dollop of
Ludacris in there too. This one is hot off the presses, created by
Essexboy in the UK. You’ll feel happy and playful when you listen to

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5:30pm on Indie 103.1FM, just in time for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

– DJ Paul V.

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