a new whitney interview!

a new whitney interview!

oh my gal is back – shes out of rehab – and hubby bobby brown is out of jail – she just did an exclusive interview with sister 2 sister magazine – she admits she has been an addict all her life – she got her habit from the ‘hood’ – and it was mom cissy houston who made her change her ways with a threat to take daughter bobby christina away from her – and she was with eddie murphy for two yrs until bobby ‘stole’ her away – and they both hit each other – with whitney admitting to hit bobby more than he hits her! oh what a blast – she made a recent public appearance and looked great and god bless her – i cant say a bad word about her – she is fucking legend – and i stand behind her 200% – shes my gal – and i cant wait for the day for her to make her big public re-appearance – and she all blows our hair back – and she will – count on whitney – she aint michael jackson (jeez thats the first time i think i ever dare speak his name on popbytes!

what else – well last comic standing started last night on nbc – and what a fun show! im so down with it – and you all should be tuning into to this laugh fest!

ok huge news – mark burnett – tv reality god – has just announced his latest venture – our next american rock star and the winner – hold onto yr hats kiddies – gets to become the new lead singer for the since the lead singer hung himself (gorgeous tortured michael hutchence – where is lady widow paula yates these days?) – INXS – jeez this is throw back to the days – i loved me some inxs back in day! so this is all really crazy – first wilson phillips emerges after a 12-yr hiatus – and now inxs is back with a new lead singer courtesy of mark burnett – oh its a wild ride folks – on a daily basis

ok im out for now – keep the hits coming its about 8000+ so far for month of june…so go on and let yr bad ass light shine on! and spread the popbytes…popbytes out!

ps – a good friend emailed me this last night – and i feel horrible – sorry paula – rip – ‘Paula Yates committed suicide two years ago. Her daughter Tiger Lily lives with her ex-husband (who she left Michael for) Bob Geldorf of the Boomtown Rats.’