A model caught on fire at Diddy’s party!

A model caught on fire at Diddy’s party!
December 16, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Really? It took this long for someone to finally light themselves on fire? Okay then. Anyway, as the title suggests, Diddy was having a huge party at a NYC hotel when one of the model’s hair accidentally caught on fire while being broadcasting live on Ustream. I’m guessing this was a case of self-immolation after she realized she was in the same room as Diddy.

Not only did 200 people crowd into the hotel room at the London NYC in midtown, instead of the “20 friends” that Diddy told hotel managers were coming over, but the fire department had to be called after a model’s hair caught on fire while she was lounging in a bubble bath. The model frantically splashed water on her head to put it out, but appeared to be otherwise unharmed. SOURCE

Sadly, there was another model who accidentally caught on fire at the party. But unlike the other model who was in the bathtub, the second girl was unfortunate enough to be in Diddy’s “Fireworks, Ppetroleum oil and Asbestos” room. Things didn’t go quite as well for her.