a few more ‘annoying’ STAR bits…

a few more ‘annoying’ STAR bits…
December 21, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good afternoon! ok so i promise this’ll be the last mention of STAR magazine’s most annoying people of 2006! no worries i won’t annoy y’all anymore with the story but i figured a few last annoying bits & pieces would be ok!

although jennifer lopez wore some annoying & questionable outfits (i actually love the look on the far right) she actually came back in my good graces this year – i’ve always had a rollercoaster of a love affair with her and for a long time i just couldn’t stand her but she laid pretty low this year and managed to keep her marriage together – someone get her a baby though quick before she really starts to bug us all!

then there’s clay aiken‘s re-emergence this year – looking terrible and like a middle aged woman – so not cute! oh i hope we see a lot less of him in ’07 – sorry claymates! of course we’ve got to mention britney spears & lindsay lohan who found themselves in a tie for the ‘most annoying cry for attention’ – they certainly got that right! britney might as well get a tattoo across her forehead that says ‘look at me’! and lastly – the most annoying best friend of the year definitely goes to denise richards who i had no love for this year – i’m so team heather all the way! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!