a boozing angelina jolie collapsed?!?

good evening! i just walked back in the door from the airport to plenty of love from all my doggies – i’m way tired and i don’t know how i’ll handle work tomorrow – thank heavens the weekend isn’t too far off! before i head off to bed i had to post the latest cover of national enquirer which is back on angelina jolie again…this time they’ve got her all boozed up and ‘collapsing’ into brad pitt‘s arms – who is starting to get fed up with ms. jolie and has begged her to seek help – you guys know i’m a big fan of brangelina so i’m not buying into this drama at all – maybe she did have one drink too many and took a stumble but who hasn’t?!? (plus high heels can be a bitch – not that i know personally – i’d totally kill myself wearing heels!) you have to get a laugh over the picture being featured on the cover – not her best shot but angie always looks great!

my favorite part of the cover of course involves the supposed demi moore & ashton kutcher nude photo scandal! gosh – if those pics actually exist – i so need to see them – they’re both hot but mr. kutcher is super fine – omg – i’d love to see him naked! up on the top there’s more drama for nicole richie – they’ve got her pegged back in rehab but all the recent pics i’ve seen of her – she seems fine – and has a bit of that pregnancy glow going on! i’m sure she’ll be a great mom – certainly better than britney spears – i still can’t get over that whole mess – she’s just not acting right – you’d think she would’ve showed up to court today but nope – she was out & about doing important things like getting gas in the valley and smiling for the paparazzi! (oh yeah and let’s not forget starbucks – now that’s really important!)

we’ve also got a story of star jones – whose husband al reynolds still seems to be gay…and there’s rumors of new evidence that could finally put oj simpson behind bars – where he should have been put a long time ago – he makes me freakin’ sick – ugh! i’m so ready to lay down soon (and slightly delerious from a very long day) i’ll check you all tomorrow – xxoo!

PS wow! some lady won $60 million dollars with enquirer’s lucky blue dot! see reading tabloids can pay off sometimes – i need to find out what that lucky blue dot is all about…

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  • jamie

    The NE is beyond trash. The inset is from Toronto when the fans got overzealous and the barriers nearly collapsed on her and the body guards saved her life. The other is just when she was leaning into him being cute. This nonesense needs to stop as it is past being funny, it is just dumb.

  • sweetjaysus

    leaning into him being cute?
    and he’s leaning AWAY from her because…?

  • sidney

    YES!! Jamie is right!! because that pic that the National Enquire is using is when Angelina was almost crush by fans in the Toronto Film Festival!! So this tabloid doing this FAKE story of Angelina shows how DECEIVING this trashy tabloid really is!!

  • Peaches

    Not sure about the barrier one, she appears to be falling towards the barrier rather than the barrier falling towards her? The pic with Brad is a classic! She looks like she is goofing around or just caught at a bad moment :)

  • Rebecca

    HA! The British cover of this trash bag mag is about how Ben Affleck is cheating on Jen Garner with Jen Aniston, using the photo of them kissing from that “he’s not into you” movie, with a quote about him wrecking his life again!!!! Its digusting, vile lies and shouldnt be wasting the paper its printed on!!!!

  • Er

    Um, the photographer caught her while she was blinking (haven’t we all had pictures taken of us when we were blinking), and that’s supposedly a drunk picture? How stupid do you have to be to think that?

  • JEN

    i think from the high hêels and the crowd make her fêel un-balancêd