Listen: VV Brown’s new mixtape ‘The Playground’

VV Brown - The Playground Mixtape

Hot on the heels of her new single, Children featuring Chiddy (available on iTunes), here's VV Brown's new mixtape called The Playground which was just released only hours ago. I've been a huge supporter of Ms. Brown since last year when I named her debut album Travelling Like The Light, one of my top favorite albums of 2010. I've also been fortunate enough to see her perform twice, both shows were stellar, I'm thrilled she's back. Keep your eyes MORE

Berenice Marlohe: The new Bond Girl?

Berenice Marlohe

With an opening scene slated to be filmed in Istanbul, Bond 23, the tentatively titled newest entry into the 007 franchise (turning fifty next year), is already exciting enough, but with the latest casting news just out, things may even be more exciting than expected. Little known French beauty Berenice Marlohe, whose only acted in small roles in a couple of films and television shows in France, is probably the next Bond girl to hit the screen. MORE

Now Playing: Machine Gun Preacher

Machine Gun Preacher

This weekend I'm going to take myself to the movies to see Machine Gun Preacher (starring hottie Gerard Butler), which is based on a true story of an American ex-con who ends up saving the lives of hundreds of orphans in war-torn Sudan. I've actually heard great things about the film (and Mr. Butler's performance), plus the good people over at Virgin Mobile are donating four water wells to aid the current situation in Sudan, helping to provide MORE

Tara Reid is raking in the money!

Tara Reid

After executives at Universal sat down and realized that they just can't throw Eugene Levy in a teen sex comedy and call it an American Pie movie, they came up with American Reunion, because holy crap Hollywood has completely run out of ideas! Anyway, the salaries of the film's actors have leaked to The Hollywood Reporter, and by the sound of it, perpetual lady of mess Tara Reid is doing really well. By which I mean she's earning less money than MORE

Ja! to no underwear + Gaga will eat you!

Björn Borg

So this week, I popped over (as you do) to Stockholm in Sweden for a day - the home of Björn Borg underpants and I could not get this image out of my head - it is from their new campaign, Björn Borg says JA! to no underwear. Literally amazing. In other news, the Thierry Mugler show in Paris for SS12 took place on Wednesday. The clothes might not have gone down all that well, but I have fallen head over heels in love with the Inez & MORE

Chris Brown might be having sex with dudes!

Chris Brown

Yesterday, direct messages on Twitter between Chris Brown and an unsigned artist named Martyn leaked onto the web, and by the looks of it, it turns out that Chris might be having sex with dudes. And he might be the bottom. Soooooo ... this may or may not be happening. The Examiner reports: Chris Brown’s recent Twitter messages are shocking as they suggest that he had a gay affair with a little known musician named Martyn. The messages are MORE

LeAnn Rimes: I don’t have an eating disorder!

LeAnn Rimes

Despite the fact that if she lost any more weight, LeAnn Rimes would officially be light enough to be considered carry-on luggage whenever she boarded a plane (say what you will, but it could save her A TON in airfare), LeAnn is absolutely adamant that she's not struggling with an eating disorder. If anything, I'd say she's very good at it. Us Weekly reports: LeAnn Rimes' lean frame is constantly under scrutiny, but the 29-year-old is adamant MORE

Crystal Harris keeps on digging for gold!

Crystal Harris

After seeing Holly Madison rake in money and attention by insuring her $2 boobs for $1 Million (truly a sound investment, if you're trying to lose all your money) Crystal Harris has decided to hop onto the selling out tacky useless shit bandwagon by hawking the engagement ring Hugh Hefner gave her to let him slap his wrinkled penis against her forehead. Picture it ... aaaaaaaaand you know what hell is like. Via TMZ: A diamond isn't always MORE

Demi and Ashton’s Twitter drama!

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

Because everything Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher does revolves around Twitter in some way, everyone is freaking out over the fact that *GASP!* Ashton has stopped following Demi, which means they're divorcing because Twitter is a legally binding marital contract or something. RadarOnline reports: Demi Moore is no longer one of the 671 people Ashton Kutcher follows on Twitter, RadarOnline is exclusively reporting. And it appears Demi stopped MORE

Links: Clooney and Gosling are so cute together!

Ryan Gosling and George Clooney

• David Arquette is reportedly smitten with his new girlfriend, Christina McLarty! Evil Beet • Is super hottie Ryan Gosling looking for something permanent with Eva Mendes? Cele|bitchy • Jennifer Aniston and her man Justin Theroux had a Thursday night dinner date! PopSugar • Courtney Love to write autobiography, she wants to set the record straight! Celebrity Smack • Hugh Jackman showed off his six pack and amazing pecs MORE

Review: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

In Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, best friends Tucker and Dale and a group of college co-eds get into a big misunderstanding while vacationing nearby in the woods. When one of the students gets hurt, Tucker and Dale rescue her. Unfortunately, her friends mistook them for scary murderous hicks and wage war – only killing themselves in the end. Walking into the screening, I was very nervous. Was this going to be an awesomely bad budget film or just a MORE

Thoughts on ‘Melancholia’


Last week I saw a screening of Danish director / screenwriter Lars von Trier's new film Melancholia (which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival this year) and I haven't been able to stop thinking about the apocalyptic drama since! First off, it was probably the most depressing film I've ever seen but was also extremely beautiful and thought-provoking (plus it was way better than his last brutal outing Antichrist). The acting was off the hook, MORE

Watch: Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ video!

Adele - Someone Like You

Here's the brand new music video from powerhouse singer Adele for Someone Like You, which happens to be a huge hit right now and deservedly so, it's just one of the many stellar tracks off her sophomore album 21. When I first heard the album back in January, I knew it was going to catapult her into super stardom status, without a doubt it's going to be my top favorite album of 2011. I love the simplicity of the black and white video, set in MORE

Mashup: I’m Gonna Make You Sweat


† FROM DJ PAUL V. One of my favorite grooves over the summer was Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) by Lloyd ft. Lil' Wayne and Andre 3000. It's got that classic soul hipswing vibe to it, and it was just begging to be combined with lots of stuff. And I got my wish! Mashup-Germany revs up this dance party with the Doobie Brothers, Labelle, Eminem, S Club 7, Usher, Franz Ferdinand, Snoop Dog and Donna Summer dedicating their vocals to the jam. And MORE