Angelina Jolie: Too skinny and on heroin? Oh, please!

Angelina Jolie - Star Magazine

Remember when Star magazine was sued by Katie Holmes because they claimed she was on drugs? Well, the magazine better be prepped for another lawsuit ... check out the latest cover which claims that Angelina Jolie weighs a mere 99 pounds, and that she back to dabbling in heroin! Yes, she might be on the skinny side (like me, weighing in at 135) but I seriously doubt that the mother of six children is back on drugs! This is such a slanderous cover MORE

Is ‘Cougar Town’ changing its name?

Cougar Town

Are you watching Cougar Town? If not, booooooooo. You suck. Anyway, the show was originally about a woman played by Courteney Cox dating younger men, except then her character dumped the kid and started dating a man her age and it pretty much dropped any pretext of being about cougars (something the show has been poking fun at for well over a season now). Anyway, the showrunners are now debating as to whether or not they should just change the MORE

Ke$ha wants you to name her weiner ….


By which I mean her weiner dog. Because Ke$ha bought herself a new daschund puppy. Anyway, Ke$ha is asking fans on Twitter to name her new puppy, because why not ask the people single-handedly keeping Justin Bieber alive and relevant to name something? The Tik Tok hitmaker recently took in a long-haired dachshund, but is struggling to come up with a suitable name - so she has urged her Twitter followers to send in their suggestions. She MORE

Andy Dick sued for being Andy Dick!

Andy Dick

So despite the fact that seeing the words ANDY DICK on the marquee should be a pretty obvious hint of shit that will go down, someone actually bought tickets to see Andy perform live because people with money are stupid. But wait, it gets worse! The guy who bought the tickets decided to sit as close to Andy as possible. And it gets even worse: Andy Dick pulled off his dress (does that really surprise you?) and proceeded to rub his junk in the MORE

Why hello, Brendon Urie’s broken ankle!

Brendon Urie

Remember Panic! at the Disco? ... or was it Panic at the Disco? That stupid exclamation mark always threw me for a loop ... anyway, they were a slightly better version of Fallout Boy, except no one really listened to them all that much because, well, you hear one whiny emo band, you've seriously heard 'em all. Anyway, it turns out they're still touring, and during a concert, lead singer Brendon Urie broke his ankle and proceeded to show it off to MORE

Snooki’s fender bender in Italy … with a cop!

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi

It's good to know that even when the Italian government is literally forcing the cast mates to not drink and stay out of trouble, they can still find a way to completely fuck up. If Ronnie's beating of The Situation wasn't enough (on a side note, how is Ronnie not an American hero just for that? You're doing God's work, son) it now looks like Snooki has been taken into custody for rear-ending a cop. I mean, with her car. Not like ... that! MORE

Designers get naked for CFDA!

Marc Jacobs

The Council of Fashion Designers of America holds an awe inspiring awards ceremony each year, honoring the newest, the greatest, and the landmarks in the ever changing fashion industry. Along with the ceremony, the CFDA published a booklet to accompany the honorees each year, a sneak peek at the nominees, and this year the pamphlet is quite an ordeal, rightly so, featuring beautiful crisp images taken by Inez and Vinoodh. Inside Marc Jacobs, MORE

Sean Kingston has stabilized!

Sean Kingston

So over the weekend, singer Sean Kingston was vacationing down in Miami beach, driving around on a jet ski when he accidentally crashed into a goddamn bridge, flinging him and the woman riding with him into the water. Sean was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but there's some good news here: It looks like the guy is now stabilized, which means we can all look forward to joking about this in a couple months when he's all better and MORE

Spencer Pratt is still a colossal dumbass!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

So you know that Sparah ad campaign that Virgin Mobile is running about a fake celebrity couple they've created? Well apparently, Spencer Pratt thinks they're ripping him off and are now demanding that they pay up for using his idea. Yeah, great way to tell the public that you and your wife don't actually love each other and are only staying together for the publicity, numb nuts. If you haven't seen the commercials ... Virgin Mobile's new ad MORE

Oh look, Christina Aguilera’s drunk again!

Christina Aguilera

Fun fact: Canadians don't celebrate Memorial weekend (except in Newfoundland and Labrador), but I'm assuming it has something to do with awesome barbecues and drinking with family and friends, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, Christina Aguilera pretty much skipped on the barbecue part and went right for the drinking, stumbling out of a bar in Hollywood looking like death warmed over after a hangover. The Burlesque star looked wasted as MORE

Video Fix: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Did It On ‘Em’

Nicki Minaj - Did It On 'Em

I know the music video for Super Bass is still relatively young here (and still an amazing song ... damn you, earworm!) but good news! Nicki Minaj has another video out, and it's of one of her best songs from Pink Friday! Yeah, Did It On Em has been given the video treatment, and ... honestly, I'm not huge on the video. It's one of those performance videos where basically they just take a bunch of footage from her tour and some magazine covers MORE

Shakira would love to do an album in Arabic!


She Wolf crooner Shakira is known for her bilingual catalog of Spanish kissed pop ballads, but she is ready to bulldoze past new language barriers according to a recent press conference. The singer was in Morocco earlier this week where she revealed, "It would be a challenge to do an album in Arabic, I would first have to learn Arabic. I am completely open to that experience ... at some point I would love that to happen in my life”. She also MORE

Lady Gaga – Hair – Live on ‘Good Morning America’

Lady Gaga - Hair

Although Jeremy wrote up a post about Lady Gaga's performance on Good Morning America yesterday, I was so blown away by her stirring acoustic performance of Hair (quickly becoming one of my favorite tracks off Born This Way) on a unicorn piano, that it warranted a post of its very own! So just in case you missed it, check out the full performance below, which also happens to be Gaga's favorite! PHOTO | GAGADAILY MORE

Patrick Wolf: House

Patrick Wolf - House

Here's the music video for the third single from English cutie Patrick Wolf called House, off his upcoming fifth studio album, Lupercalia, dropping on June 20th. How adorable and talented is he? MORE