Willow Smith is a ’21st Century Girl’!

Willow Smith - 21st Century Girl

Here's the brand new single from Willow Smith called 21st Century Girl - and is the follow-up to her highly addictive first single, Whip My Hair. Girlfriend is only ten-years-old but has such a neat sense of style, and even though she has been fast tracked into the industry because of her influential parents, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, I actually do think she's quite talented. Be sure to catch Willow on The Oprah Winfrey Show tomorrow (March MORE

The passing of a legend … Jane Russell

Jane Russell

It is a sad day in Hollywood proceeding the Oscars with the news just in of Jane Russell’s death at age 89 of respiratory failure at her home in Santa Maria, CA. The actress is best known for her work in 1953's Gentleman Prefer Blondes alongside fellow sex symbol Marilyn Monroe but she also gained attention in other rolls like in The Outlaw (1940) a Howard Hughes vehicle that set the censorship board aflutter (and also set Hughes to work MORE

Cutie Darren Criss celebrates turning 24!

Darren Criss

Here's the super talented and totally cute (and straight) Darren Criss celebrating his 24th birthday this past weekend in Las Vegas! I still can't get enough of his adorable character Blaine on Glee (I'm dying for him to finally make out with Kurt played by Chris Colfer), Darren has totally helped the show kick things up to another level of wow, he's seriously that amazing! Glee Star Darren Criss celebrates his birthday at Lavo Nightclub MORE

Video Fix: What The Buck?! Oscar recap!

Michael Buckley

Hey! Please subscribe to my buddy Michael Buckley's totally hilarious and quite popular What The Buck?! show on YouTube, now in glorious HD! PopBytes over and out ... xoxo! Full 2011 Oscar recap ... it's like watching the Oscars but fun! MORE

Nelly Furtado is donating her Qaddafi money!

Nelly Furtado

So by now you've probably heard about some of the celebrities who've performed for Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, aka The Crazy Cape Guy Who Kills His Own People. Celebrities who've performed for him in return for millions of dollars include Usher, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and Canadian Nelly Furtado. Thankfully, Furtado announced that she would be donating the money to charity in light of the fact that he is fucking insane. In 2007, I received MORE

Charlie Sheen’s publicist can’t quit, he’s fired!

Charlie Sheen and Stan Rosenfield

Earlier today, Charlie Sheen's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, handed in his letter of resignation, presumably having carved it in the rafter he hanged himself from. Yeah, I guess after a while it must get kind of tiring trying to convince people the violent, drug-abusing, misogynistic psychopath  is really a nice guy once you get to know him, assuming he doesn't shoot you or lock you in the closet. Stan Rosenfield tells TMZ ... he's resigning MORE

Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ – the video!


Here's the brand new music video from Lady Gaga for Born This Way, the title track off her upcoming album. I like some of it (the dancing sequences are best) but overall I think it's a bit on the messy side and tries to cram in way too many ideas, sometimes a video can make you appreciate a song more but this is certainly not one of those instances (it's definitely no Bad Romance which was epic), watch it below and decide for yourself! MORE

Adele would go gay for Rihanna! Giggity!

Adele and Rihanna

Just in case you needed another reason to buy Adele's 21 (you honestly don't. The album is amazing and if you can't see it, you suck), Adele revealed that she loves Rihanna's thighs and then made a couple veiled hints that she might be willing to switch teams for RiRi. Your bunk is to the left, feel free to grab as much hand lotion and kleenex as you need. The 22-year-old also said that her friends have claimed that they would "be gay" for the MORE

Charlie wants a raise for coke and hookers!

Charlie Sheen

Proving once and for all that snorting coke turns you into a raging douche-munch, Charlie Sheen gave interviews to Good Morning America and the Today show in which he said that the emotional turmoil of getting put on temporary leave from his show for eating cocaine with his fire fists and banging hookers with his lightning penis was so great, he now needs $3 million per episode. Fuck you. NBC interviewer Jeff Rossen appeared startled when MORE

The Razzie winners have been announced!

Sex and the City 2

All right, so in case you missed it, all of us at Team PopBytes spent the entire night working our carpal tunneled hands to the bone for you people to cover the Oscars, which means most of what I have to write about today has already been covered, except for one crucial awards show: The Razzies! Yes, the only awards show celebrating Hollywood's worst that isn't the People's Choice Awards were last night, and to no one's surprise, M. Night MORE

Jimmy Kimmel’s Hottie Body Hump Club!

Jimmy Kimmel and Lindsay Lohan

You have to hand it to Jimmy Kimmel, (did I honestly just type those words? Jesus ... ) the man knows how to put on a post-Oscars show. Last year, he gave us the Handsome Men's Club skit involving Matt Damon acknowledging how very, very handsome he was. And this year, he's giving us the Hottie Body Hump Club, where beautiful actresses (including Lindsay Lohan) hump a giant exercise ball until they get super ripped and gorgeous. To be fair MORE

Be one of Gaga’s Little ‘Local’ Monsters!

Lady Gaga

WHAT IT IS Virgin Mobile is looking for 10 amazing bloggers or video journalists (or any Lady Gaga fan for that matter) to submit a 1-to-2 minute video showing us why you should be the Little Local Monster Blogger. The 10 winners will join one of the Monster Ball shows alongside Virgin Mobile's Monster Ball blogger, Dannielle Owens-Reid. Nine (9) winners must be residents of the U.S. and one winner (for the Newark NJ show) must be an MORE

Taylor Swift is on Player Patrol!

Taylor Swift and Chord Overstreet

Singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has been popping up in print ads and commercials across the country for Covergirl cosmetics, but she’s also been busy making appearances elsewhere … recently at a Kings hockey game in Los Angeles, Swift was seen being all buddy buddy with Glee star Chord Overstreet, I know a disappointing blow for Gleeks, but she was bound to invade your territory eventually. This only weeks after breaking up with Jake MORE

Live Oscar Blogging!

James Franco and Anne Hathaway

Please join us here at PopBytes for live blogging/tweeting of The 83rd Annual Academy Awards! I'll be tweeting along with @JeremyFeistXXX, @SeanASimpson, @AllenPiatt, and @SmrtMnky. You can also add in your own comments below, let's all try to turn a notoriously boring event into something fun! [snaplet id="1915" width="500" height="750"] MORE