People are fighting over Tila Tequila’s sex tape. WUT?

Tila Tequila

So I'm sure this must come as a huge surprise to you, but Tila Tequila has a sex tape. I know, gasp right? Anyway, it turns out Vivid Video is entering a legal battle with a porn site named (not really original, but meh) over leaking the sex tape of hers that they legally bought. Which begs the question: Who the hell wants to watch Tila have sex? Lawyers for Vivid Entertainment fired off a letter to the folks behind (who MORE

Curse your sudden but inevitable DUI!


God I hope no one is a big enough nerd to beat me to that punch. Anyway, remember Alan Tudyk? He was on the super awesome but canceled Firefly, which was the show that launched thousands of nerd-boners, and consequently, twice that amount of nerd blue-balls. Anyhoo, he's been arrested for a DUI. Sad. Alan Tudyk -- best known for his role as Steve the pirate in the comedy Dodgeball -- was arrested on Sunday for suspicion of DUI. Tudyk was pulled MORE

Kim Kardashian Has ANGRY NIPPLES!


Hey, sorry for the late posting everyone, but I had a shoot run late, plus my mother's birthday as well as my own... long story short, even gossip bloggers have social lives, no matter how fleeting they are. Anyway, Kim Kardashian's new reality show is out (once again, unless it's called Kim Kardashian Gets A Football To The Groin, PASS), and on the first episode she gets all pissy because because W magazine showed some of her nipple. "Oh my MORE

WTF: Dumbass celebrity tattoos!


• Mega hottie Henry Cavill will be playing the new Superman! Dlisted • Are Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds back together?! PopEater • David Arquette has checked out of rehab after about a month Oh, The Scandal! • How much has Charlie Sheen spent on drugs and hookers? I'm Not Obsessed • Check out all the red carpet fashions at the SAG Awards! The Berry • Tony Parker and Eva Longoria are now officially divorced! Pop On The MORE

Natalie Portman has a filthy f*#@cking mouth!


The Screen Actors Guild Awards were last night, and I'm not really going to bother talking about them too much because they're too fancy and boring to really mine for good material. Anyway, Natalie Portman picked up the best actress trophy (Shocker) and used her speech to say "asshole" to an entire room full of people. Maybe she was the Black Swan all along. When Natalie Portman accepted her Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress on Sunday MORE

Charlie Sheen is in rehab … again!


So after nearly dying after trying to eat an entire briefcase of cocaine while creating the world's most incestuous harem, Charlie Sheen has checked into rehab. The good news is that this pretty much derails the eight or so episodes of Two And A Half Men we'd have to suffer through. The bad news is this puts the cast and crew in a tough spot. Sources connected with the show tell TMZ the crew is grumbling ... worried they will be the financial MORE

What the hell is Anne Hathaway wearing?!


Now normally actress Anne Hathaway gets it right, but unfortunately not this time ... she was spotted at a press day for the upcoming animated film Rio wearing this hideous outfit - what was she thinking? I hope this wasn't the work of her stylist Rachel Zoe! It's beyond (rotten) bananas! Those pants! That sweater! Oi vey! PHOTOS | FAME PICTURES MORE

The Wind vs. Courtney Love

Courtney Love leaving Public on January 27th, 2011, in London's Chelsea district. She was wearing an animal print coat and matching bag. Courtney was looking a little worse for wear. PHOTOS | FAME PICTURES MORE

Hold Your Sexy Arms Against Me … Britney Mashup!

† FROM DJ PAUL V. Are you feeling the new Britney Spears single? It's already a huge radio and club hit, but I'm feeling kind of meh about it. Like so many pop artists of the last year, Brit and her producers are tapping into those hard electro beats, so that's a plus. But my rating for it as a hit song? Probably about a C+. This mashup, however, is rated A+! Here, Titus Jones whips up one of his patented mega-artist blends, featuring Britney, MORE

Heidi and Spencer are still trying to sing!

You know that saying about how the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time. Well, turns out it's true: The two-headed beast of infamy and annoyance known as Speidi is trying its hand at music again, despite the fact that the last album crapped out and sold like hotcakes, if said hotcakes were made of dog turds and orphan tears. A year after the debut of her album Superficial, MORE

FashionBytes: Two sides of Unkle Karl’s muse!

Two shoots surfaced this week (well, three if you count the H&M campaign images) featuring Karl Lagerfeld's muse and total hottie Baptiste Giabiconi. The first, shot by Karl himself for Interview magazine, where Baptiste is pretty much naked, the other is some Iggy Pop-inspired sh*t for Dutch magazine, DANSK shot by Bojana Tatarska. Which do you prefer? Nik Thakkar KARLISMYUNKLE.COM @nikthakkar MORE

Miley Cyrus + Jeremy Piven = Awkward.

Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Piven apparently became pretty chummy on the set of the upcoming spy-comedy So Undercover, which of course means they probably banged (I'll give you a minute to run to the bathroom ... everything's up and outta your stomach? Alright then, let's continue.) "I think I must be an 18-year-old girl because we got along really well," Piven told E! Online. "It was just so much fun. I had so much fun with her and we had great MORE

Kate Walsh canceled Bristol Palin!

Admittedly, I don't watch Private Practice, and I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy a couple years ago during the height of Katherine Heigl's bitch phase. That being said, Kate Walsh I've always found endearing as hell, but not she's apparently in the middle of some huge shitstorm for retweeting a message on Twitter about boycotting a speech Bristol Palin was giving at Washington University about abstinence. When the Private Practice star heard MORE

Kim Kardashian’s still sad about the sex tape she leaked

So apparently, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were on Piers Morgan Tonight to promote their new show that I couldn't care less about and can't even be bothered to look up (unless it's called Kim and Kourtney Get Hit By A Bus, I'll pass). Anyway, Kim once again spoke about how sad the sex tape she leaked made her, despite the fact that she'd have to sign the goddamn release form and provide a valid photo ID. The reality star sisters appeared Thursday MORE