Pop Nosh: They’re *only* 47 years apart!

† Meet Nick Gruber (20): Calvin Klein's (67) hot (and super young) boyfriend! Gawker † Angelina Jolie is starring in a new PSA about Pakistan's flood disaster PopSugar † The five best and worst films from the summer of 2010! Pajiba † Excuses, excuses: Paris Hilton thought that cocaine was gum! LOL! Tabloid Prodigy † The cast of 'Mad Men' is on the cover of Rolling Stone! In Case You Didn't Know † Vincent MORE

Speidi’s sex tape isn’t real; The world isn’t ending!

Who fucking called it? Anyway, it looks like Vivid Video is calling Flesh-Coloured Pedo-Beard on is bluff by demanding he show a preview of the supposed sex tapes if he wants his money. The only problem? He's not giving them any sneak peeks. Granted, Karissa Shannon has said that there was a sex tape, but considering that's the only reason you know her name, of course she's saying there's a sex tape. Steven Hirsch tells TMZ he isn't going to down MORE

It also takes a legend … to sell tickets!

Here's the newly unveiled poster for what is sure to be the hottest mess this Thanksgiving at the movies ... Burlesque ... starring Cher and Christina Aguilera (in her film debut, heaven help us all) In case you missed the trailer - you can watch it here! You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be seeing this opening day (if not sooner!) Popbytes over and out ... xoxo! MORE

FilmBytes: Black Swans in Venice

The Venice Film Festival starts tomorrow. International celebs and important movie folk will be there to attend the opening night film, Darren Aronofsky's BLACK SWAN. Natalie Portman plays a ballerina and the movie looks sensational. The only way Venice could be any more enticing tomorrow night is if Madonna were inexplicably in town to recreate her writhing-in-the-gondola Like a Virgin video. All of Aronofsky's movies (The Fountain, Requiem for MORE

Snooki’s boyfriend just got denied!

Hey, remember how Snooki's new famewhoring Guido boyfriend Jeff Miranda tried to propose to her on the cover of Trashy Hoes Quarterly so that he could steal her leprechaun gold with his penis? Well, as you might expect, Snooki pretty much cock-blocked him by turning him down in front of, like, the entire goddamn world. Ha ha, no Lucky Charms for you, bitch! Snooki's boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, proposed on the cover of Steppin' Out magazine that hit MORE

Who wants to dance with these losers?

It's official everyone: The cast for the new season of Dancing With The Washed-Up Has-Beens No One Cares About has been announced, and once again, it becomes ever more apparent that ABC really doesn't understand the definition of the word "stars". Or, if Kate Gosselin is any indication, "dancing." On the roster this year: Bristol Palin (the one who got knocked up), The Situation (the one with four abs), Audrina Patridge (one of the sluts from MORE

Five influential films you need to see!

ANNIE HALL | PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE | ROSEMARY'S BABYHAPPINESS | REQUIEM FOR A DREAM Annie Hall (1977) This classic actually happens to be my favorite movie of all-time - partly because I adore star Diane Keaton as the title character - and Woody Allen actually reminds me of myself sometimes - Oh I can be extremely neurotic! If you haven't see this beyond charming, smart and Oscar-winning movie - you must - it's romantic comedy done MORE

TelevisionBytes: The Emmys – A mix of old and new

It was a mix of old and new at last night's Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Mad Men once again took the honors for 'Outstanding Drama', but freshman series Modern Family persevered over the buzz-worthy Glee and veteran 30 Rock to win 'Outstanding Comedy'. The night was filled with fresh faces on the podium: Jim Parsons nabbed a statue for The Big Bang Theory, thus delighting fans across the Internet, no doubt, and Archie Punjabi entered the winner's MORE

Jon (Hamm) and Kate Plus 8?

Not content to simply ruin the fantastic Emmy Awards opening (as well as her own children), Kate Gosselin is now hoping to parlay her invitation to the Primetime Emmys into an acting gig on ... oh fuck me sideways. She's hoping to land an acting gig on Mad Men. For real real, not for play play. Say what you will, still a hell of a lot better than Jon Gosselin's career as ... whatever it is that Jon does. Is he even still alive? God knows his MORE

Video Fix: What the Buck?! Emmy recap!

Hey hey! Please subscribe to my buddy Michael Buckley's totally hilarious and very popular What The Buck?! show on YouTube! Popbytes over & out for now ... xoxo! In this video, I cover the Emmys, Jimmy Fallon Rocked! Temple Grandan Stole The Show! The 2010 Emmy Awards Were a Hit from the start to finish! A little slow in the middle but VIVA LA TEMPLE! and LATISSE! Also, Rihanna burned herself with a curling iron and Paris Hilton got arrested ... MORE

Pop Nosh: The best/worst boobs at the Emmys!

† Hollywood's best/worst boobs were out in full force at the Emmy Awards! The Frisky † It's true ... Jesse James is really dating Kat Von D (What a gross couple!) TMZ † Britney Spears: Still on vacation and hanging out in her bikini! Hollywood Tuna † The 62nd Annual Emmy Awards: Just the attractive people! Celebslam † TV actors who will fade into obscurity after their respective shows end Pajiba † Ashton MORE

How … ummm, romantic?

It's only been about two weeks since they were first seen together, but it looks like Snooki's new boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, has already proposed ... on the cover of Steppin' Out magazine ... shirtless! Ummm, woohoo? Now, I'm not saying that it's because he thinks she's a leprechaun and that sticking your penis in one of those things will earn you a pot o' gold, but - oh, wait, yes, that's exactly what I'm saying! "I want us to be together MORE

Paris Hilton has the vapors!

Proving once and for all that Paris Hilton is literally a weapon of biological warfare, the queen of the celebutards was arrested for cocaine possession over the weekend after police got a whiff of her vapor trail. Seriously. You can literally smell the skank on her. Keep that in mind next time you see her nasty-ass perfume in the bargain bin at K-Mart. Paris Hilton's latest run-in with the law began when a motorcycle officer got a whiff of MORE

The Emmys made it work!

Alright, confession time: I didn't watch The Emmy Awards last night. Now, before any of you take that as an elitist little comment about being too good for the Emmys, I'm not; I watched Big Brother 12 instead. *Le Sigh* Anyway, while I was watching Ragan cry for, like, the billionth time on national television (get a hold of yourself man!), this happened. Man, am I ever dumb. For those of you who ever wondered what would happen if you took MORE