video fix: lolene’s ‘rich (fake it til you make it)’

hey hey! here's the second hot music video from my girl lolene (who first appeared here on popbytes back in january of 2009!) for her sassy new single rich (fake it til you make it) - off her upcoming debut album the electrick hotel, which i luckily received an advance copy of - and it's such a fun pop album (the album is due out sometime this summer) plus girlfriend is a total sweetheart (we had lunch a few months ago, and we're due to have MORE

britney spears might not be the best mom ever …

I'm sure this must come as a total shock to all of you, but after allegations that Britney Spears beat her kids with a belt and also fed them food they were allergic to! Social workers are gonna be taking a trip to the Spears residence to investigate her 'parental abilities'. But the joke is on them, because you can't investigate something that doesn't exist! HA! Score one for Team Britney! "He claims the first really shocking incident was when MORE

pop nosh: if she were a boy

† Lady Gaga continues to twist and bend gender by posing as a man! Yeeeah! † One hundred of the greatest movie insults of all-time, with video! Pajiba † Rumor time: Britney Spears is abusing her kids with a belt?! Cele|bitchy † Wonder Woman finally got some new threads (I don't approve) Agent Bedhead † Details are emerging about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James' divorce Popeater † Lindsay Lohan is about to MORE

jake’s a liar and vienna’s getting naked …

i thought by now jake pavelka and vienna girardi's faux 'bachelor' relationship drama would have blown over but this week's STAR magazine is featuring the story again on the cover - this time it's all about jake's 'web of lies' (last week he was labeled a monster) including the rumors that mr. pavelka might actually play on my team (we don't really want him though, he's such a dork!) meanwhile, vienna has been trying to figure out how she can MORE

FitnessBytes: Play Ball!

The World Cup runneth over! There are so many hot bitches on the field, I would not be surprised of the grass spontaneously turned to ash. Those bodies are on fire! What's more, they take off their clothes when they score and rub up on each other after a victory. Soccer is basically the most homoerotic sport. Love! One way to get your fitness on, plus possibly improve your sexual health -- or at least expand your fantasies -- is to play a team MORE

jason bateman made a huge mistake!

So remember when Jason Bateman cut into the line at an Apple Store so that he could get his hands on an iPhone 4? Which is pretty much just an iPhone 3 with minor upgrades? Well now that he's the most hated thing among Apple nerds since that little spinning beach ball, he's going on the record to apologize before he gets gang murdered by a group of iPhone lovers. "Correction - If there were boos, I didn't hear them," the star, 41, Tweeted. "If MORE

hop on benny benassi’s ‘spaceship’ with kelis!

before i head off to bed, i had to post this new music video from italian DJ benny benassi - for his super hot dance single spaceship featuring kelis (looking totally fabulous plus her vocals make the track), (from black eyed peas), and jean-baptiste - right now i'd almost rather hit the clubs than the pillow but alas i really must lay it down - popbytes over & out for tonight ... xoxo MORE

The Big C: Another hit coming to Showtime!

earlier this evening i attended a swanky screening for two of showtime's new series, the big C and shameless (based on the popular british show) although we only saw the pilot episodes - i thought both were fantastic and have lots of potential (i wouldn't expect anything less from the network, their programming is stellar) below is a peek at the big C starring laura linney as a woman dealing with cancer - it wasn't depressing at all - in fact i MORE

pop nosh: i wouldn’t be surprised if he is gay!

† According to tabloid sources, 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka might be gay! Towleroad † The seven most likely candidates to replace Steve Carell on 'The Office' Pajiba † Britney Spears looks quite happy to share her Candie's! Popsugar † Prolific philosopher Megan Fox got married to Brian Austin Green! Dlisted † Shiloh Jolie-Pitt lives her life at home as a boy named James! Evil Beet † Is Pam Anderson wearing MORE

guess who’s getting ‘opposite married’?

Awwwwww, isn't that sweet? Carrie Prejean, who some of you might remember as the gaycist, self-righteous bitch with the eight porn tapes, is getting married to some nobody NFL player. Good for her. Sure, people like her took away that same right from thousands of gay men and women in California, but hey, at least now the whore can wear a pretty little ring on her finger! "Biblically correct" beauty queen Carrie Prejean is about to do something MORE

video fix: what the buck?!

the BET awards were DRAMATIC! the daytime emmy awards were ... WACKY! jake the bachelor and some slut broke up! jon gosselin got a big ugly tattoo! the 2010 teen choice awards nominations are out! please subscribe to my buddy michael buckley's totally hilarious and popular what the buck?! show on youtube! MORE

oprah is the most powerful celebrity … shocker?

Forbes has released their annual list of the The World's Most Powerful 100 Celebrities. To the shock and surprise of absolutely no one, Oprah was #1 on the list for single-handedly convincing suburban housewives everywhere to put down the Xanax and pick up a book, Beyoncé took #2 for telling man to buy conflict-diamond rings, and James Cameron came in third for making a movie about giant smurfs. Yeah, that sounds about right. Unsurprisingly, MORE

Guess the crotch grabber?

can you figure out who's grabbing their crotch? obviously he's from the sporting world ... it's not david beckham (i wish it was) but it's another soccer stud - find out who it is after the jump ... GO! MORE

goldfrapp kicked ass at the hollywood bowl!

last night i had the pleasure of seeing goldfrapp (again) play at the hollywood bowl (a five-minute walk from my apartment) the last of only four tour dates here in the states and of course it was a magical evening all around - that's how the bowl rolls (you can bring in your own food and wine - it's such a great experience!) although i missed the first opening act tune-yards - i manged to catch orquesta buena vista social club - and they were MORE