i’m addicted to ‘red dead redemption’

over the past few days my internet connection has been going off intermittently which was totally annoying me but without the net i got to spend a bunch of time playing the hot video game of the moment, red dead redemption (from rockstar games - the same people behind grand theft auto) at first i wasn't so keen on playing a western themed game but now that i'm fully immersed in all the frontier drama - i'm loving it! (i helped stop a runaway MORE

video fix: kylie minogue’s ‘all the lovers’!

hey hey! please check out the highly-anticipated music video below from kylie minogue for all the lovers - the first single off her upcoming album aphrodite (releasing in july) this song is bound to be one of this summer's anthems - i love it! plus there's lots of tasty eye candy (guys & girls) surrounding ms. minogue in the video - she's totally turning up the heat! popbytes over & out for now ... xoxo MORE

meet ‘cyrus’ (nothing to do with miley!)

i must see this flick cyrus when it lands in theaters in a few weeks on june 18th (especially because of catherine keener - i love her!) watch the trailer below - it looks right up my alley - a dark comedy! i hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend so far - i've been doing a whole lot of nothing besides playing red dead redemption - it's an awesome game! popbytes over & out for tonight ... xoxo With John's social life at a standstill and MORE

dennis hopper – rest in peace

oh there's sad news to report today - after a long battle with cancer, actor dennis hopper (age 74) succumbed to his illness and passed away early this morning at his home in venice, CA - i just wrote about him a couple of weeks ago when he finally received his well-deserved star on hollywood blvd's walk of fame (he got it just in the nick of time ... people who pass on need to wait five years for a posthumous honor - like bea arthur - ugh) he MORE

Money can’t buy you class but it can buy photoshop!

what better way to kick-off a holiday weekend than with a celebrity train wreck - which has been provided by real NYC (divorced) housewife countess luann de lesseps and her new music video for money can't buy you class - but obviously it can buy photoshop - countess never looked so good! but in the end, i would still prefer to be tardy for the party! popbytes over & out for now ... xoxo MORE

gary coleman – rest in peace

oh i've been bummed out all day long over the unexpected passing of gary coleman at age 42 after he suffered a intracranial hemorrhage and slipped into a coma (his wife shannon price pulled the plug this morning) he was best known for his starring role as the adorable arnold jackson (what'choo talkin' 'bout, willis?) on the hit 80s sitcom diff'rent strokes which i totally loved as a kid (it ran eight seasons, 1978-1986) sadly mr. coleman is MORE

kanye west has the ‘power’

hey hey! late last night kanye west's new single power leaked onto the web - it's a track off his upcoming 5th studio album called good ass job - i don't know how he can top the brilliance of 808s & heartbreak but if this song of any indication of what's to come - we're in for a real treat - this song kicks total ass - please have a listen for yourself below! popbytes over & out for now ... xoxo MORE

kathie lee gifford: a morning ‘party animal’

oh how funny - kathy lee gifford is writing books for children (i wonder if she actually wrote them or had underage kids doing all the work? remember that clothing line scandal from '96) here she is below with party animals - we all know she's a party animal on the fourth hour of the today show with hoda kotb! girlfriend is seriously on fire at 10am - i only tuned in after seeing those SNL skits about the show (there's an example below) they nail MORE

video fix: what the buck?!

taylor swift 'jemi' breakup song! glee goes gaga! idol & DWTS finales! subscribe to my pal michael buckley's hilarious what the buck?! show on youtube ... enjoy! xo MORE

pon de foley – mashup time!

† FROM DJ PAUL V.Hot pop & rock music is all about the riffs we can remember in our sleep. From The Rolling Stones' Satisfaction to Van Halen's Jump to Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit - we can all immediately name that tune in about three notes, maybe less. Back in the mid 80's - when Eddie Murphy had a career and synthpop was everywhere - a little ditty of an instrumental from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack called Axel F by Harold MORE

wedding of the century?

this week's issue of STAR magazine is going across the pond for a change of pace and featuring prince william and his girlfriend kate middleton (dating since 2001) and their supposed upcoming wedding of the century - price tag, $40 million bucks! there's only one problem though - the couple isn't officially engaged yet although it does look like that's what will happen in the near future! the british royals haven't been nearly as interesting as MORE

fitnessbytes: develop a routine!

Eric Dane goes to the same gym I do in Hollywood. While we're not BFF's or whatever, he seems like a pretty chill guy. His realistic attitude on fitness keeps it all in check: "Going to the gym and looking for a specific result is a short-lived existence, as opposed to going to the gym and adopting it as a lifestyle," he tells Men's Health, "To get lifelong results, develop a routine." Eric adds, "It's much harder to break it if you have one, If MORE

joan rivers: a piece of work

hey hey! i cannot wait to see this documentary film about comedy legend joan rivers called a piece of work which follows the trials and tribulations of ms. rivers during her 76th year - some people don't realize that she totally paved the way for women comediennes today and is still working today - and her sense of humor is just as sharp and biting as it was back in the day - she's hilarious and i adore her - plastic surgery and all - the mold MORE

crystal bowersox must win ‘american idol’!

i seriously can't believe i went for an entire season of american idol without blogging weekly about the show like i used to back in the good days! my last 'idol' post was back in february when the top twenty-four hopefuls were unveiled - even though i've been watching each week - i still say this is the worst season of the show ever - yet i do really like crystal bowersox - she was the show's saving grace! plus as much as i missed paula abdul's MORE