lady gaga + V magazine + polaroid snapshots

good evening! here's a sneak peek at a hot new spread featuring never before seen polaroid snapshots of lady gaga in the upcoming issue of V magazine (issue #65, on sale may 11th) called flash of genius (shot by her rumored on and off again boyfriend matthew williams) The camera loves Lady Gaga, and Lady Gaga has brilliantly turned its invasive lens into yet another pop platform. Now, as the Creative Director of Polaroid, she has found a way to MORE

pop nosh: catfight … scarlett vs. gwyneth!

† scarlett johansson to gwyneth paltrow: 'i'm younger & hotter' cele|bitchy † the drama between tito ortiz and jenna jameson never happened evil beet † david hasselhoff's ex pamela bach is now behind bars popeater † listen to lady gaga's 'alejandro' (electrolightz remix) arjan writes † ready for some more peeks at 'sex and the city 2'? popsugar † lance bass was spotted making out with queer eye's kyan MORE

christina aguilera – not myself tonight – the video

damn! i must say christina aguilera looks amazing in her brand new video for not myself tonight - i'm dying to hear xtina's new album bionic (out on june 8th) popbytes over & out for tonight ... xoxo MORE

video fix: melissa etheridge’s ‘fearless love’

i can't say enough about melissa etheridge - i've been a huge fan of hers for years now - melissa's an amazingly strong woman (a cancer survivor) and a kick-ass musician (plus she was one of my very first concerts back in the day) and just this past tuesday she released her 11th studio album fearless love (which i've been listening to all week - it's awesome - but my favorite is still 1989's brave and crazy!) check out her music video for the MORE

britney spears needs a hair intervention

jamie spears might be too worried about his daughter britney spears' nipples to even notice the extension-filled hair train wreck on the top of her head - she looked fairly cute arriving to her lawyers for a meeting early this morning (with a bottle of coke and cigarette in hand - breakfast of pop champions everywhere) but that winged hair (and those dark roots) is totally bugging me - is there any hairstylist out there who can help her dreadful MORE

horny as a dandy – mashup!

† FROM DJ PAUL V.Why does the right wing in America take such glee in mocking the French? Anyone remember 'freedom fries' when France didn't support the war in Iraq? Dumb politics aside, we should celebrate the French, who we can thank for wine & cheese, baguettes, crepes, Christian Dior, the Statue Of Liberty, the Louvre, and yes, Gilles Marini. But another fact is that some of the best mashup creators are also French, and Loo & Placido MORE

pop nosh: xtina channels her inner pussy!

† christina aguilera is on all fours in her new music video hollywood rag † does kate hudson really hate fellow serial dater cameron diaz? cele|bitchy † jessica alba was getting fresh with kate hudson ... hollywood tuna † sandra bullock: i secretly adopted a son and filed for divorce popeater † jesse james speaks out about sandra bullock's divorce filing bricks & stones † shauna sand is out of control! MORE

video fix: what the buck?! with lisa kudrow!

wow! my girl lisa kudrow advises buck on giving advice! please subscribe to my pal michael buckley's hilarious what the buck?! show on youtube - enjoy! xoxo MORE

Katie Holmes’ tortured life …

hey hey! this week's STAR magazine cover is featuring katie holmes once again as the 'tortured' stepford wife of tom cruise - there have been lots of rumors of trouble in xenu-dise over the past few years but they still remain hitched (the couple wed back in november of 2006) maybe there really is a reason why she can't leave him - supposedly tom's ex-assistant is spilling the beans about what's really going on with their (contracted) marriage! MORE

fitnessbytes: cruise control!

When I was a kid, I never realized riding my bike was a healthy activity. It was just something fun to do! These days, bike riding totally fits my philosophy when it comes to fitness. If you do stuff you enjoy, then you actually look forward to working out. Sam Worthington and Jake Gyllenhaal are both celebrity biker babes, while Liev Schreiber and his wife Naomi Watts often ride with their kids in tow. If you're trying to get in shape, stop MORE

pop nosh: boycott the circus!

† olivia munn gets naked for elephants and PETA! a socialite's life † john mayer is thinking about quitting twitter ... amy grindhouse † tito ortiz: jenna jameson is addicted to oxycontin! hollywood rag † sienna miller and jude law may be mixing love & real estate popsugar † gavin rossdale cheated on gwen stefani with courtney love?! dlisted † yikes - toni braxton's cameltoed fashion disaster! MORE

Behind the scenes of ‘The Real L Word’

i did love the L word (which ran for six seasons) so i'm definitely going to be watching the new reality series the real L word - which premieres on showtime on june 20th! have a look behind the scenes below - this show is totally going to be full of drama - i can't wait! popbytes over & out for now ... xoxo MORE

when all else fails – make a milkshake!

lindsay lohan can't seem to catch a break these days - between her messy family drama (her dad michael lohan is such an asshole - he just likes being in the media) and her career that seems to be going nowhere super fast - things just keep getting worse for ms. lohan but i do love a good comeback story and i'd really like to see her try to turn things around - there's still some time left - we can't count her out just yet! although i don't see MORE

david beckham’s cute with his crutches!

oh there's just something about those crutches hottie david beckham is using (because of that injury last month) that make him look even more adorable and vulnerable - he was using 'em during his appearances earlier today on good morning america and the view - my only obstacle to david's heart is his wife victoria beckham - she was on hand to lend her hubby support - i need to figure out a way to get her out of the picture - ha! anyways, i'm MORE