stevie nicks – makin’ 60 look damn good!

good evening! can you believe legendary rock & roll gypsy stevie nicks is going to turn 61 on may 26th? she looks totally fabulous - thankfully she doesn't look all cut up & stretched out! (she just did an interview this week with people magazine on how she manages to stay so youthful) ms. nicks was at NYC's barnes & noble store signing copies of her new live album the soundstage sessions: stevie nicks - i did have the opportunity to see her play MORE

pop nosh: paris hilton gets shady

» paris hilton claims she was very involved in producing her new sunglass line celebwarship » yikes! is britney spears trying to get herself pregnant with adnan ghalib's baby? celebslam » yet another sex scandal has erupted at oprah winfrey's south african school for girls gawker » do you think sexy lady megan fox's new curly hairstyle makes her look older? the blemish » first lady michelle obama isn't pregnant and MORE

guess who’s the #1 b*tch

good morning y'all! take a good look at the picture below and see if you can guess who thinks they're the #1 bitch around these parts! here's a small hint ... the blue ribbon should actually read '#1 annoying bitch'!find out who it is after the jump... MORE

Mickey Rourke loves his dog Jaws!

oh my goodness - i simply couldn't resist posting these sweet pictures of hollywood's comeback kid mickey rourke sitting with his chihuahua jaws outside LAX earlier today while waiting for their ride - his adorable dog is also the same one featured in mr. rourke's PETA ad advocating spaying/neutering pets! i still seriously need to get my girl chihuahua candy fixed - after this weekend (without going into the gory details) let's just say she's MORE

the osbournes take on ‘the hills’

good evening! tomorrow night after american idol airs - i'm going to stick around to catch the premiere of osbournes reloaded - a new six episode variety series starring ozzy & sharon osbourne along with kids jack & kelly - featuring comedy sketches, hidden camera pranks, competitions, and performances! you've got to watch the clip below of their take on the hills (which becomes the hells) which features the real lauren conrad along side mrs. MORE

pop nosh: pamela anderson looks different

» pamela anderson looks fresher than before - was it surgery or just botox? hollywood dame » now zac efron has plenty of q-tips to clean the dirty wax out of his ears! celebrity smack » britney spears' dad jamie sounds like an asshole and a total control freak! breathe heavy » 'fat actress' kirstie alley doesn't want anyone to see what groceries she's buying celebslam » gisele bündchen feels like tom brady's son MORE

courtney love – pacific coast highway

good morning! last week (thanks again to a tip from pal sheena beaston) i got the chance to listen to the upcoming courtney love album nobody's daughter releasing overseas on june 8th (although we're not 100% sure it's the final version but i think it must be very close - the album has been in the can for quite a long time) if ms. love decides to release a single - it simply has to be pacific coast highway - the first cut off the excellent album MORE

hottie jason statham cools himself off

good evening! gosh there's been a lot of delicious man candy recently on popbytes - andy roddick itching himself, jesus luz strutting his stuff down in brazil, ashton kutcher flexing his muscles, and now i've got hottie british action star jason statham who decided to take a quick dip in the ocean up in malibu to cool off (this had to be yesterday - it was so hot in los angeles but today turned out to be cloudy and on the chilly side) i do love MORE

easy like sunday morning – ashton kutcher

oh it must be nice for demi moore to wake up every sunday morning next to her hunky husband ashton kutcher - the recently waxed hunk and twitter addict was spotted hanging off a yacht (with no shirt on) filming an escape scene for his new movie five killers over in the south of france (of course ms. moore is over there too ... she probably shouldn't let his hotness out of her sight) please enjoy the eye candy below - i've got a bunch of errands MORE

i’m off to see prince!

UPDATE! hey hey! i just got home - and prince put on a stellar show tonight (i still hate nokia live but whatever - that venue sucks ass along with their crappy margaritas on tap) i was jumping for joy when he played some of his classics (1999, let's go crazy, purple rain, if i was your girlfriend, controversy, i feel for you) the crowd was going totally insane - everyone ate up every second of it! watching him play guitar is truly an amazing MORE

madonna is totally over jesus

good evening! i knew madonna's relationship with brazilian model jesus luz wouldn't last long - besides the 30 year age difference - they didn't seem to really have anything in common - except their love of sexy time - i'm sure madge had herself a blast playing with him - who wouldn't? he's super hot! now that madonna confirmed the breakup via twitter (a fan told her 'hello, madonna honey am glad you are single again - you made your best music as MORE

pop nosh: beware of ghost twitterers

» ghost twitterers shatter our faith in all that's well and good in the world vulture » courtney love is being sued for causing emotional distress via her myspace blog cele|bitchy » a first look at the upcoming kelly clarkson video for 'i do not hook up' (w/ a cute model) oh la la » gymnast shawn johnson now has a restraining order against her creepy stalker popsquire » amy winehouse took her beehive to the local MORE

andy roddick had an itch down there

good morning & happy friday! hottie tennis player andy roddick was on the court yesterday - and was caught by paparazzi scratching & adjusting himself - it looks like quite the major itch down below (the combination of spandex and sweat can be totally lethal!) i wonder how he feels about his ex-girlfriend mandy moore and her new hubby rocker ryan adams? i always thought andy & mandy made an adorable couple (they went out for about two years) but MORE

thierry mugler designs for beyoncé!

OH MY GOSH! somebody besides tina knowles actually designed something for beyoncé - ring the alarm! world renowned french designer thierry mugler (61) took charge over the costumes for her new world tour (the I AM ... TOUR) which kicked off tonight up in edmonton, canada - below are some of the gorgeous sketches of what sasha fierce will be wearing (house of dereon will also be contributing to the show - of course mom tina had to put in her two MORE