popbytes’ top ten favorite albums of 2008

good evening! finally i've gotten around to compiling my top ten favorite albums of 2008 (here's a link to 2007's list) of course i waited until very last minute (totally my style) so it's been a bit of a scramble (and i had to keep my writing on each album to a minimum) but i'm quite happy with the list - music is totally my favorite thing to post about here on popbytes - i seriously can't wait to hear what 2009 has in store for us! without any MORE

Katie Holmes is falling apart …

...so claims the latest cover of STAR magazine - she has been looking like a totally tired & exhausted train wreck lately - but her stint on broadway in all my sons is about to come to an end - i wonder what she'll be doing next (i'm assuming she'll be moving back to los angeles) yet it sounds like her hubby tom cruise has big plans for her - he wants to have ten kids - he must be trying to outdo brad pitt and angelina jolie! in other news we've MORE

pop nosh: mariah carey is not pregnant

† mariah carey put pregnancy rumors to rest with red wine & oysters! webster's is my bitch † in 40 minutes paris hilton spent enough money to feed an entire third world village! celebslam † mandy moore and DJ AM (adam goldstein) have called it quits again in case you didn't know † holy shit! joaquin phoenix looks like crap - he seriously needs to shave & bathe! dlisted † is baby affleck going to arrive just in MORE

my favorite video of 2008 – poker face!

good evening! i've been so super swamped getting ready for my hawaiian vacation which kicks off on thursday (i'm so freakin' excited) plus i'm trying to get up my top ten favorite albums of 2008 which i hope will be posted here on popbytes tomorrow evening - so tonight i'm keeping things fairly short & sweet - here's my favorite video of the year...lady gaga's super hot track poker face (after going back and forth for a bit - her debut album the MORE

pop nosh: celebrity plastic surgery in ’08!

† lots of celebs went under the knife this past year...some look better...some look worse! cityrag † it sounds like mariah carey probably flunked math class back in high school... agent bedhead † public health advisory: don't make out w/ paris hilton - she's in the midst of a flareup! celebslam † which pop princess made a new years resolution to lay off the nail biting? i'm not obsessed † jon voight is desperate MORE

Showtime’s ‘United States of Tara’

good morning! i wanted to direct your attention to a new show kicking off on showtime starring one of my favorite actresses toni collette called united states of tara which premieres on january 18th (produced by steven spielberg and created / developed by diablo cody) ms. collette plays a woman living with multiple personalities (there's some pictures below of tara's various personalities along w/ the trailer) and her hubby is played by cutie MORE

the most ridiculous rumor ever!

good evening y'all! i'm still laughing from this morning when the NY post's gatecrasher posted this ridiculously delicious rumor that i can't stop thinking about... Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony may have renewed their wedding vows a mere three months ago, but their rocky romance will likely bite the dust right after Valentine's Day, says an insider. "Marc and Jennifer are planning on announcing their divorce right after Marc's show at Madison MORE

pop nosh: jen & marc’s divorce duet

† this can't be true! jennifer lopez & marc anthony announcing their split by way of a duet! dlisted † paris hilton needs to go to the pharmacy to get a refill of valtrex - her herpes medication! yeeeah! † it's so easy to make up wild stories about messy lady amy winehouse... webster's is my bitch † i was wondering how tara reid was able to afford a rehab stint at promises! cele|bitchy † tom cruise has big plans MORE

i hate this part – my favorite single of 2008!

good morning everyone! i have a number of songs in mind when it comes to the best of 2008 (viva la vida, womanizer, just dance, single ladies, so what, heartless, american boy, into the nightlife, human, right here (departed), feedback, and lights out - to name just a few) but there's one that sticks out from all the rest - for some strange reason i have been completely obsessed with the pussycat dolls' single i hate this part - i've played it MORE

RuPaul’s Drag Race kicks off soon!

hey hey! we're only about a month away from the february 2nd premiere of rupaul's drag race over on logo (produced by world of wonder) which i'm dying to see because i LOVE rupaul (supermodel of the world) there's nobody better to host a fierce new reality show as nine drag queens picked from thousands compete to be the world's ultimate new drag star! (except perhaps for divine - may she (and glen milstead) rest in peace) i'm sure there'll be MORE

heidi & spencer can’t help themselves…

...from annoying us all and making out in public! these two seriously can't do anything without the cameras around (what's next...his & her bowl movements? if MTV asked to film that - i'm sure they'd be oh so happy to oblige!) at least this time they were trying to do some good this past christmas eve when they volunteered to serve up some food to the needy at the los angeles mission - most guests probably had no clue who they were - i highly MORE

get ready for ‘damages’ season #2!

good evening! oh what a slow day its been - and really the only celebrity gossip going on today was football hottie tom brady supposedly asking supermodel gisele bündchen to be his bride and to be honest i really don't care what those two do (i know one person who probably didn't take the news so well - tom's baby mama & former girlfriend bridget moynahan - oh it must have been nice being pregnant while your boyfriend dumps you and runs off MORE

pop nosh: donatella versace – please cover up!

† oh my word - leathery lady donatella versace should be banned from wearing a bikini! yeeeah! † i adore courtney love to pieces but i cannot deal with her blogging - she's so out there dlisted † lindsay lohan reluctantly welcomed her half-sister ashley to the family... a socialite's life † oh mariah carey - put those furry red christian dior boots away! in case you didn't know † tom brady apparently popped the MORE

go see ‘the curious case of benjamin button’

good morning! oh the day after xmas is always on the depressing side plus i actually have to go to work today which i'm totally dreading but the weekend isn't far off at all! last night i decided to drag myself to the movies to see the curious case of benjamin button (nominated for five golden globe awards) which i had been dying to see ever since i posted the trailer back in june! although i'll warn you it's a bit on the long side (clocking in MORE