little big planet totally rocks!

good evening! while everyone is partying all decked out in their best halloween costumes - i'm taking it easy with a little red wine and little big planet - the new amazing game for playstation 3 which i've only had for few days now but i've already become completely obsessed - it's so much fun and way addictive - plus the graphics are gorgeous and imaginative - the main character aka sackboy (who is highly customizable) is about to give super MORE

pop nosh: scary plastic surgery faces!

† the top ten celebrities who look like they're wearing halloween masks all the time! celebslam † jessica simpson is heading straight to DVD (again) as 'private valentine' celebwarship † miley cyrus' parents are using the cautionary tale of jamie lynn spears webster's is my bitch † mariah carey proves she's a diva with not one but two halloween costumes! the blemish † pete wentz is on standby - ashlee simpson is MORE

Kim Kardashian is Wonder Woman!

good morning & happy halloween! below i've got ms. kim kardashian dressed up as wonder woman while playing host at last night's PAMA's halloween masquerade - she actually makes a great & sexy looking super hero! i wonder if the rumored movie about 'wonder woman' will ever make it to the big screen (actually - a new website just popped up for the movie!) i do adore the old TV show with linda carter as the bracelet wielding crime fighter but i'd MORE

i’m off to see ‘spring awakening’

UPDATE! oh my goodness - i had a superb time tonight - the show was EXCELLENT - and although i knew a lot of the music i didn't know much about the actual plot and it was definitely different than i expected but in a suprising & refreshing way (and i did manage to shed a few tears) it's certainly not your mom's type of musical - gosh i can't wait to see it again! i also saw a few celebrities who were also in attendance this evening - including MORE

pop nosh: joe the plumber…country star?!?

† 'joe the plumber' has hired three 'managers' to help extend his 15 minutes of fame! dlisted † cougar linda hogan is still robbing the cradle by bedding her 19-year old boytoy charlie celebslam † katie price aka 'jordan' is hawking a new line of pink hair dryers and curling irons yeeeah! † michael jackson's kids already have their masks for halloween on! celebrity baby scoop † somebody should take katie holmes MORE

don’t fear the rocker – spooky mashup!

good morning everyone! oh yes - tomorrow is halloween AND friday (a perfect combination) thankfully my pal DJ paul v. picked out a spooky mashup to help get you in the mood that utilizes dialogue from two of my favorite scary movies - carrie and halloween! popbytes over & out for now...xoxo † FROM DJ PAUL V.Ain't this a great season? Oh wait, you thought I meant the political season? Well yeah, it's gonna be AWESOME when Barack Obama MORE

gwen stefani introduces baby zuma nesta

hey hey! i was just about to hop into bed but i couldn't resist posting this super adorable picture of gwen stefani - in which she's holding the newest addition to the stefani-rossdale clan - baby zuma nesta rock rossdale (born back on august 21st) now i hope girlfriend can finally get back in the studio again with her band no doubt - i've been waiting for fresh material from them for what seems like forever (along with my pal bree) popbytes over MORE

larry & dannielynn move out of anna nicole’s

good evening! oh lordy - i had an awful day today - nothing horrible happened but it was just one of those days - thankfully it's almost over - i'm vowing that tomorrow will be a better day! anyways this week's life & style magazine is featuring an interview with larry birkhead - who is now moving out of anna nicole smith's home located in LA's coldwater canyon - along with their daughter dannielynn (since there's no backyard and wasn't built MORE

pop nosh: tara reid knows she’s not perfect

† tara reid seriously needs to just cover up her body - a perfect solution! webster's is my bitch † jamie spears has been granted permanent conservatorship over britney's estate! popsugar † we knew this was bound to happen...the CW is looking to bring back 'melrose place' dlisted † rick astley will be crowned as best act ever at MTV's european music awards agent bedhead † more rumors about brad and angelina MORE

the cover team aniston has been waiting for!

good morning! when i first saw the latest cover of STAR magazine yesterday afternoon - i knew team aniston members would rejoice like it was the second coming of christ - it's all about angelina jolie's supposed humiliating betrayal by partner brad pitt who is rumored to be getting all cozy with his sexy new german co-star diane kruger - who's starring alongside mr. pitt in quentin tarantino's new film inglourious basterds (she also starred in MORE

hairy kate & trashley olsen – fur tramps!

good evening! oh those energetic PETA members were at it again today - standing outside the barnes & noble bookstore located on manhattan's union square - where twins mary-kate & ashley olsen were signing copies of their new book influence - of course the two billionaire gals are notorious for wearing dead animal skin aka fur (SHAME!) hence the nicknames hairy kate and trashley olsen - collectively known by those oh so zealous animal loving MORE

election day is one week from today!

hey hey! i'm beyond thrilled that one week from today is election day (tuesday november 4th) after what seems like forever - this presidential election is finally ready to be wrapped up - of course i'm betting barack obama will thankfully be our next president (i know michelle obama is going to make a fierce first lady) but please make sure to vote - i've already mailed off my ballot since i live in some odd zone in hollywood that has no polling MORE

pop nosh: jessica simpson is #1!

† jessica simpson's movie debuted at #1! (unfortunately for jess it happened in russia) celebslam † dina lohan and daughter ali seriously need to get better costumes than these pussies yeeeah! † angelina jolie appeared last night in hollywood to honor mr. clint eastwood a socialite's life † lisa marie presley already introduced elvis to her twins - via a medium! hollywood rag † is it just the global recession or MORE

pink is sober

good morning! today pink is releasing her brand new 5th studio album funhouse which i've been listening to obsessively over the past few weeks and it's totally brilliant and probably her best album ever (that's saying a lot since i love her other albums) for sure this is pink's most personal & introspective effort (her split with skater hottie carey hart definitely provided plenty of inspiration) it's quickly becoming my top album of 2008 - every MORE