light the lights – broadway is back!

hey kids - happy friday evening - can you believe tomorrow is december already?!? although the writers' strike is still on with sadly no real end in sight (there was some bad news earlier today for the staff of the tonight show w/ jay leno) there's one strike that came to a fairly quick ending - the stagehands of broadway are back to business! this evening at the marriott marquis theatre a bunch of broadway's best & brightest came together for a MORE

natalie portman’s NY times ‘screentest’

good morning! there's a neat bunch of videos out this week from the new york times featuring actors doing 'screentests' - while being interviewed by lynn hirschberg - first up was joseph gordon-levitt - the second was with the always darling & classy natalie portman (which is embedded below) and the most recent one is with marion cotillard (who starred as 'edith piaf' in la vie en rose which if you haven't seen - please do - it is out on DVD now) MORE

i’ll never get over valerie cherish

good evening everybody! oh my goodness - my internet is back on - woo hoo! i'm like beside myself with pop joy - after it being basically off since early saturday morning - i almost don't know what to do right now! (except get a credit from the cable company - ugh!) when i was walking the doggies this morning - i saw a cute repairman from time warner cable - who i basically accosted about the lack of net connectivity - he was visiting another MORE

supermassive rainbow – muse vs klaxons

hey hey! oh yes - i'm still dealing with issues of internet connectivity (ugh - big time) but there was a glimmer of hope this morning - so please continue to keep your fingers crossed! and now without further whining on my part - below is the latest way cool mashup selection from our pal DJ paul v.! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo! FROM DJ PAUL V. We get to highlight a great project this week, with the Kitsune' Maison Mashed collection. MORE

inside britney spears’ crazy house

good morning y'all! i certainly won't let a little thing like the lack of net access stop me from posting the latest cover of STAR magazine which is featuring our favorite messy situation - that of ms. britney spears! the headline is all about brit's 'crazy' house - complete with pink handcuffs, mirrored ceilings, and bizarre (aka ill-fitting) costumes! if this cover was from a few years back - i would have said no way could this be britney but MORE

more internet woes – ugh!

hey y'all! just so you know (not that you really care) but my internet is out again - it was back on almost all day yesterday but went out last night and is still off right now!!! basically i'm calm (at least that's what i keep telling myself...) plus i've got an earlier appointment (friday morning) for them to come check out the modem etc - but i think it should clear up before then - or at least i hope it does! (i am still convinced it is MORE

terminator: the sarah connor chronicles

good evening! is anyone excited for terminator: the sarah connor chronicles?!? well - you should be - i watched a preview of the pilot a few months ago - and i loved it! finally it'll be premiering on FOX january 13th & 14th (two days before my 32nd birthday...oi vey) i've always had a thing for the 'terminator' film franchise (although i didn't really care for the last one - i normally like claire danes but she sucked ass in that film) below are MORE

jordin sparks’ tattoo gets remixed!

good morning! i was so excited when i woke up this morning and discovered that my internet connection had been restored - i knew it wasn't a problem specific to my apartment - you should have seen me last night - i was beyond worried and making myself crazy - but all is just dandy (for except the fact it's monday - ugh!) anyways i wanted to mention the new self-titled jordin sparks album - i've been listening to it for a few days - and for a MORE

patrick dempsey & andy samberg do martha!

hey hey! before i head back home to the land of no internet access - i wanted to post a bit about this past week's martha stewart show which had both hottie patrick dempsey and funny man andy samberg on as guests - mr. dempsey is just way too adorable for words (i'd run off with him in a heartbeat) and mr. samberg is hilarious - ms. stewart even asked him about his emmy award winning SNL sketch dick in a box that he worked on with justin MORE

oh my internet drama!

hey kids - happy sunday! so can i tell you - i'm about to lose my mind - my internet has been down since early yesterday morning - i have been on the verge of freaking out for the past twenty four hours! (right now i'm at a cafe down the street which thankfully has wireless access) i've restarted the modem probably close to 1000x - plus i've been on the phone with time warner cable a bunch of times - and still no internet! i'm totally convinced MORE

send kate moss flowers…

good morning! i sincerely hope everyone had a super safe & splendid thanksgiving yesterday - mine was pretty mellow but really nice! so before i head out to the stores today in search of some hot bargains - i came across this neat idea from the folks at V magazine and SHOWstudio - they're going to be shooting kate moss for an upcoming feature in the magazine and they are asking for everyone to send in a variety of flowers (to a london studio) MORE

happy thanksgiving ’07!


who’s gay and who’s not (who cares)

hey hey! i'm thrilled i have four whole days off in a row - i plan on getting plenty of sleep - and loads of video game action! (i just picked up the wii zapper!) tonight i've got the latest cover of national enquirer (also on a break from anything to do with angelina jolie or jennifer aniston) this week's feature is all about who's gay and who's not - well i know i'm gay (last time i checked) but other than that - my gaydar is always off - i've MORE

body & beauty bloopers (nobody’s perfect!)

good morning! this week STAR magazine takes a break from splashing either angelina jolie or jennifer aniston onto their cover - instead they opted to do something more fun and feature 27 different body & beauty bloopers (including nick lachey's 'man boobs' & britney spears' 'roots riot') just like the cover says - nobody's perfect! (although ms. jolie does get a small mention in the top left corner - i wonder what julia roberts had to say about MORE