latest nat’l enquirer – more rachael ray drama…

good evening! below i've got the latest national enquirer which ended up making a huge splash today with dog the bounty hunter aka duane chapman's racist filled tirade which was caught on audio tape - the story blew up all over - and even A&E issued a statement that production has been halted on his reality show! (which i actually really enjoy when i manage to catch it) kudos to editor-in-chief david perel and his team for exclusively breaking MORE

are jessica simpson & owen wilson dating?!?

good morning & happy halloween! as per usual i've got the latest STAR cover which is mainly featuring drama between tom cruise & katie holmes - with her becoming all suspicious & jealous! i swear if they break up - there needs to be a scary movie made about their relationship - a modern day rosemary's baby if you will - but gosh that suri is one cute little girl - and just the other day the trailer for ms. holmes upcoming return to the screen MORE

rosie o’donnell stops by martha’s show!

good evening! oh how appropriate that on the 5th season premiere of nip/tuck (yes i'm mr. broken record) that i'm posting about rosie o'donnell who will be reprising her guest role from the 4th season as 'dawn budge' - one of the best celebrity guest star characters ever - i can't wait to see what her character will be up to this season - and more importantly will she sleep with 'dr. troy' again? (played by the delicious julian mcmahon) anyways MORE

nip/tuck season #5 premieres tonight!

good morning! of course i wouldn't dare miss posting about the 5th season premiere of nip/tuck tonight over on FX - i already screened the first two episodes and i think seasoned fans will enjoy the doctors' new los angeles antics (their new larger plastic surgery office is gorgeous) plus it's a perfect opportunity for first time viewers to jump into the series - i'll admit that i thought the first episode was slightly on overload mode (i know MORE

Jonathan Rhys Meyers does Details!

good evening everyone! you may have seen this posted on a few other blogs today but i simply love hottie jonathan rhys meyers who landed the cover of the brand new details holiday issue and i can't help myself from posting it here on popbytes! (sometimes i think it's okay to double up on hot content!) i probably love him best in match point (directed by woody allen who is probably my top director besides david lynch) but coming in a close second MORE

britney’s piece of me – remix style!

good morning y'all! tomorrow is the big day when britney spears latest album blackout will finally hit stores - i've been listening to a copy of the album for about a week now - i actually really like it a lot more than i thought i would - it's total cheesy dance pop fluff - but who doesn't love that?!? it's easily an album you'll be able to toss on at a party - it's all upbeat - no cheesy ballads or any crap like that - i must hand it to her - MORE

bad celeb costumes – don’t attempt at home!

hey hey! it's that time of year when we see a bunch of celebrities hit the parties & red carpet dressed up in their best attempt at a halloween costume but by the looks of the crowd below - there wasn't much effort put in this year at all (or in the case of ms. hatcher - too much effort) below we've got andrea bowen from 'desperate housewives' in a sequined leotard & cape - not flattering at all - she could have at least tossed some kinda head MORE

lindsay lohan – at an AA meeting on my block

breaking news! i just got home to a swarm of paparazzi trying to catch lindsay lohan going to an AA meeting at the senior center right on las palmas & franklin - across the street from my apartment! i'll be back with more details soon...she's over there right now! ok here's the scoop - lindsay arrived promptly at 6pm - i was just pulling up to my parking garage (after a quick grocery store run) which was blocked by a bunch of cars - as numerous MORE

owen wilson – the myspace interview!

good evening y'all! this recently released interview embedded below has been creating a little buzz around the net today - it's the first interview with actor owen wilson since his suicide attempt and subsequent stint in rehab - it's part of myspace's artist on artist series - he's being interviewed by director wes anderson - whose latest labor of love project the darjeeling limited happens to star mr. wilson - along with cutie pies jason MORE

carmen electra – looking much better

good morning! oh we're back to friday again - thank heavens - and this post is a follow up on a post i did earlier this week about carmen electra - who took our advice and did something different when she stepped out on the red carpet last night for the launch of dr. robert rey's (aka 'dr. 90210') shapewear which is some kind of lingerie/undergarment ladies can wear to keep everything nice and tight without resorting to plastic surgery - that's MORE

i love dylan walsh & julian mcmahon!

good evening! it's all about nip/tuck this week - you all know i'm a total fiend for the FX cable series and tonight i was super lucky to secure a spot on the red carpet tonight where stars dylan walsh & julian mcmahon came out to officially launch the opening of mcnamara / troy | los angeles! there's a whole kick-ass promo set up over in the hollywood & highland complex (that must have cost a ton of money) which is supposed to resemble their MORE

silence of the cannibals – mashup!

good morning! halloween is less than a week away - and our pal DJ paul v. loves this time of year - below is another spook inspired mashup that uses a variety of material - including my gal gwen stefani! i still can't believe that november is right around the corner - before you know it we'll have some holiday mashups up in here! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo! FROM DJ PAUL V. As we continue with our Halloween mashups, this week we eat to MORE

i think ronald mcdonald should retire

oh my goodness - i cannot believe i'm about to do a post on ronald mcdonald but here goes - i do like to keep things random around these parts (tonight it was between this & mariah carey launching her fragrance which i already saw posted about in plenty of places) if you told me last week that i'd soon be posting about mr. mcdonald - i would've thought you were nuts! i recently came across these pictures of ronald making an appearance at the camp MORE

oprah’s secret weight-loss surgery

hey hey! below you'll find the latest national enquirer which is featuring oprah winfrey front & center with her supposed weight-loss surgery after gaining 50lbs in five months - which i believe is due to an under performing thyroid gland! i actually have the complete opposite problem - my thyroid gland is over active - hence why i'm on the skinny side - gosh i'd love to gain a few more pounds - maybe oprah & i can switch thyroid glands for a MORE