time to upgrade popbytes!

UPDATE i think everything is ok - the upgrade to MT 4.0 went fairly smooth! rock & blog on...i'll check y'all tomorrow! hey kids!!! oh yes it is friday night - and a three day weekend! i've decided to finally take the plunge into the new movable type version 4.0 - popbytes has been running movable type for so long and i for sure love the software platform but there's a brand new version out with a bunch of new features! i'm really excited but a MORE

Princess Diana – 10 yrs later – we still miss you!


pj harvey returns with a new album!

good evening y'all! i had plans to head down to the roxy tonight but i ended up having to get a bunch of work done - so unfortunately i had to skip - i was really wanting to see let's go sailing & office - hopefully i can catch them at some point! anyways i was super excited today to receive info on the upcoming pj harvey (join her on myspace) album white chalk (her 8th studio album releasing sept 25th) she's one of my favorites - i especially MORE

britney spears – new song – gimme more!

UPDATE ok it's not the best song ever but fuck - i love it so fucking much - i must have played it 500x already! i was expecting the very worst but i must say girlfriend brought us a very hot track! i'm listening to it right now - i love the beginning where she says it's britney - bitch... oh my gosh maybe there's hope after all for ms. spears' long overdue comeback! this just in - the new britney spears track gimme more has leaked and it's MORE

phantom on the bottom

hey hey! this week DJ paul v. once again brings us a mashup of his own making - another upbeat track that totally made me want to dance - this is one to play loud and then you'll start to shake what your momma gave you! many thanks to paul v. as always for bringing something fun each week here on popbytes! plus if you're local to los angeles you can catch him spin this saturday (sept 1st) at bootie LA - all the details are below and he's being MORE

Jodie Foster looking hot in W magazine!

good evening y'all! tonight i've got jodie foster looking hot (at age 44) in the latest issue of W magazine (the one with the freaky looking gwyneth paltrow on the cover) i've always admired her - as i suspect many of you do too! she's an amazing talent - plus i like (and respect) how she keeps things on the private side - and hasn't given into 'people' who have tried to force her to be all 'outspoken' - don't even get me started on that MORE

tom & katie’s bodyguard tells all!

good morning boys & girls! this week's national enquirer is jam packed with a bunch of gossip & rumors! there's more details coming out about owen wilson (the magazine along w/ STAR first broke the story this past sunday) yet the main story revolves around tom cruise & katie holmes' bodyguard spilling the beans on everything from tom's 'rampages' to the 'truth' about their love life - ms. holmes has been looking great these past few months but i MORE

2007’s best & worst beach bodies!

good evening! below is the latest cover of STAR magazine featuring forty-five of the best and worst beach bodies! although this cover always seems like a fluff piece to me - people seem to love it! i still get search engine traffic from STAR's previous beach body covers (may '07 & may '06) but tossing britney spears (she's the guess who on the right) & zac efron (he totally has an awesome beach body) aside we should talk about owen wilson... his MORE

calum best ready to welcome lindsay home!

good morning! so we've still got lindsay lohan trying to do rehab in utah - meanwhile her on & off boyfriend calum best is living it up and perhaps getting ready to welcome ms. lohan back...below is a picture of him (w/ a bunch of ladies) at some bar named linekers in new town puerto banus, marbella, spain! oh man i hope she doesn't take back up with this loser after she completes her third stint in rehab - hanging with mr. best again would be a MORE

desperate housewives season #4 promo!

good evening! september is right around the corner (the 1st kicks off this coming saturday - once again time flies!) signaling the brand new fall season over on the telly! (my BFF) i know a lot of people dropped off from watching desperate housewives (ok - yes the first season was the best...) yet i still love the show - mainly due to the actresses who manage to hold it all together...especially felicity huffman! i know it's not the best show MORE

velvet – fix me

good morning! i've decided to feature another euro dance pop fluff track to shake things up on a monday - it's swedish sensation velvet (aka jenny pettersson - join her on myspace) and her track fix me (although i do wonder what swedish people think of her...any swedes out there?) many thanks to my pal alekos for sending me the track (who is currently spending the summer in the lap of luxury over in cyprus which is close to greece - those fires MORE

please pray for nick hogan

UPDATE nick hogan was released from the hospital this morning but his friend john j. graziano remains in critical condition - here's the update on TMZ... oh my gosh! tonight TMZ is reporting about nick hogan (son of hulk hogan) who was in a very serious car crash tonight with a friend down in clearwater florida... law enforcement tells tmz the accident occurred around 7:31 pm et. according to police, a toyota supra, driven by nick bollea MORE

big brother 8 – an update!

hey hey! y'all know i love big brother but i haven't really posted anything about the 8th season since the premiere back in july! (except when houseguest jen cried over her picture) i have been totally enjoying this season - the main reason for the lack of posts on the show is simply because i can't keep myself away from the spoilers (the main sources being the always up to date joker's updates & watching some of the three hour nightly feed 'big MORE

smile mia farrow!

good evening! oh i had an awesome day - i covered the press junket for in the valley of elah this afternoon which went great - oh my gosh charlize theron was so beautiful in person and quite tall - i'll be writing up a post about the junket very soon! it's so great to be able to hear the actors along w/ the director talk about a film - being a total movie buff - it's such a neat experience and i'm so grateful to partake in things like today! plus MORE